I Denied Jesus

I’ve always enjoyed reading about the life and ministry of Peter. Simon Peter typically wouldn’t be the one who society would have chosen for greatness. He was a common fisherman who went about a common routine in his life. He worked hard, he took care of his home and his wife. Common, routine…until Jesus walked by. He called Peter among the first to be His chosen disciples. He followed Jesus closely and loved Him with a great passion. He not only witnessed some of the greatest miracles that Jesus performed but experienced them.

When Peter hadn’t been successful on a day of fishing, Jesus told him to cast his nets on the other side. I wonder what Peter thought as he gathered the nets to cast them yet again. Fishing was his profession. If this had been me I probably would have thought this was all just a waste of my time, I may have even been frustrated by the request. But Peter’s obedience produced miraculous results. They caught more fish than should have been realistically possible. Peter witnessed a child’s lunch multiply before his very eyes feeding hundreds, with enough left to meet his needs as well. The lame walked, and the blinded eyes were made to see. His own mother-in-law was healed by the very hand of Jesus Christ. Peter knew the greatness of who He was, he saw the power that Jesus possessed. He heard and felt the command of His voice. Peter professed Him boldly, and loved Him without guard. This Jesus he knew, who he had a real and precious relationship with, was the Son of the Living God….which was exactly why he denied Him.

I’ve heard countless Christians say that they would have never denied Jesus as Peter had. As a teenager I myself was so in love with Jesus that I could never fathom denying the fact that I even knew His name one time, much less three. But then I grew older. I was granted the experience of life, and my perceptions of who Jesus was to me changed. Hurt and anger showed me a different perspective.

Up until that point I had only experienced the beauty of life, for the most part. I was saved at thirteen, and I committed my life to Christ with a great passion. I was a model Christian who didn’t smoke, drink, or cuss. I made every right decision. I fell in love with my dream of a man in high school, went to college, and married that man and started a family. I had a wonderful job, and made awesome friendships there. We were faithful to attend church and worked in ministry. And then, in a matter of a second, my world began to crumble around me. My husband left, and there I stood with a baby, not even two years old, and another at only six months old…and I was alone. Certainly God wouldn’t allow this to happen…certainly God would heal and restore my marriage…certainly this wasnt really happening…but it was. And then, some months later, I lost my job. Life hurt, and God didn’t restore my marriage. My God wouldn’t have let this happen…not the God I knew. My God would have protected me and my children. My God would have built a shield around me…and wouldn’t have allowed the hurt to literally take me to my knees. Except that He did. And I became angry. I don’t know this God, this isn’t who I devoted my life to, and if this was Him I wanted no part of Him.

So I believe when Peter denied Jesus he truly felt he didn’t know Him at all. Jesus healed the broken, the storm ceased from raging at His command. The dead lived again when He said the words. He couldn’t understand this man who wouldn’t even speak in His own defense. He didn’t understand the man who was beaten and spit upon. Obviously He wasnt who He said He was, obviously he had been betrayed. So yes, I believe Peter denied knowing this Jesus. I believe he felt that he didn’t know Him at all because Jesus wouldn’t have left him and Jesus wouldn’t have allowed Himself to be shamefully crucified. Except that He did.

You see, Jesus told Peter he would return to him, and then he experienced the greatest hurt he had ever known. And that hurt was so real and so present that he couldn’t see how Jesus could ever return to him.

Jesus told me that He would bring me through my pain, but my hurt was so real…and so present.. I couldn’t see a better future.

But God brought Peter back to the place he denied Him and met the truth head on. ‘Do you love me Peter?” Jesus asked him..and each time Peter said.. ‘Yes Lord. You know that I love you.’ Peter didn’t feel the need to prove this love, because he accepted who Jesus was, and knew that Jesus knew his heart. Jesus told him to finish what he had started every time.. ‘Feed my sheep Peter.’

The circumstances of life will change all around you. Man will make decisions that can shatter your heart and your world. You may experience such pain that you feel you never really even knew who Jesus was. But our hurt and denial doesn’t change His love for us, and when the time is right He will bring you through exactly how He said He would. And you’ll see why things happened the way they did, and you’ll be grateful. And then He’ll tell you to continue what you started, and you’ll be humbled that He would choose to use you again.

Author: Britney Wilkes
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The Captor

Recently a 5 year old little boy was kidnapped from his school bus in Midland City Alabama. An armed man walked onto the bus and demanded two children. When the bus driver attempted to step between the man and the children he was shot 4 times and later died. The armed man took 1 child to a bunker he had made behind his residence. This bunker is 4 feet under the ground. The FBI and other police officials have been able to communicate with the captor by a PVC pipe that extends up from the bunker. The child is still held captive today. There hasn’t been much information given to the public, we aren’t certain why he did this. To our knowledge the captor hasn’t attempted to negotiate the release of the child. The only truth we know was troubled. Neighbors called him ‘the mean man’, and the day after he kidnapped the child he was set to appear before a judge on menacing charges. Aside from these small details, not much more is known.

My heart breaks over this situation, it’s unsettling and troubling. Police officials haven’t been able to offer much help because the man has set this situation on his playing field; he is in control in this bunker.

I’ve prayed concerning this matter several times. I’m not trained to even begin to offer a solution on how to bring this child to safety, but like most individuals I say… ‘Do something! Why aren’t they doing something?’ I don’t know how to make this a good resolution, but my heart cries nonetheless. I found myself sitting in church and praying again concerning this child and suddenly my heart began turning toward similar situations all around us. The Spirit began revealing these truths as I prayed.

“Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.” 1Peter 5:8

Many hearts and souls have been deceived. Some of those have been deceived by their own devices, and some have fallen prey to the devil’s tactics. Even still, they are captive; they are bound and unable to be freed by man’s advances. Their minds have been clouded. Their reasoning skills are impaired and they are seemingly unable to be freed. Strongholds have been formed. Some strongholds are easily noticed by others while some can only be known within a man’s heart.

I’ve counseled those whose only way of escape was found in a pill, or a liquor bottle. You may say their stronghold and captor is the bottle, but typically it goes much deeper. Initially, the substance was used for simple reasons…’I was depressed’…’I wanted to have a good time’….’I was hurting’…some said…’I wanted to escape reality, just for a little while’…and so they poured a glass or swallowed another pill. They found the numbness pleasurable to the pain they had grown accustom to in this life. Some found they like the man under the influence of the substance better than the man that they actually were. The real man was so plagued by insecurities and fear that they couldn’t enjoy experiencing life. It was easier to be ‘them’ with the help of the liquor or pills, and this is where the stronghold is formed…this is how it draws its strengths. Once the addiction is established an individual looses themselves. They don’t know how to be happy or confident on their own. They don’t know how to feel the pain of life without the numbness. The stronghold says… ‘You need the bottle, you need the pill to be a better version of yourself.’ So rational judgment leaves and selfish desires take over. When the stronghold isn’t being satisfied it screams out… ‘Do something!’ The individual will typically go to any means necessary to get what it wants, often times resulting in hurting the ones closest to them and breaking the laws set to govern us as a people. They are held captive in their mind.

Christians also become bound within their minds. Satan will so separate and individual from others when they are hurt or struggling that their feelings begin saying… ‘No one understands me’…’No one has ever had to go through all of this’… ‘Others have it easy and are so much more blessed’. When they feel they aren’t living up to the standards we as Christians hold, they begin to separate themselves from the church; the seemingly source of their guilt. In doing so, they become numb to the pulling of the Spirit. They feel more accepted in the world where they aren’t judged for their shortcomings, and there the stronghold begins to ground itself. Within the individual’s heart it says… ‘Why keep trying when all you do is fail?’ The battleground is set, an individual who keeps striving to live up to a standard instead of learning to make decisions regardless of their feelings.

And then there is a lost world looking toward the church and assuming the answers can be found within a faulted people. They see the struggle of the Christian whose flesh desires the world but whose spirit keeps drawing the back to God. They call those individuals hypocrites and make them examples of reasons to stay out of the church. Logic keeps them from believing in something they can’t see or touch, so they learn to trust their own selves and become prideful of their accomplishments.

So many strongholds, so many deceptions meant to bring people down and keep them from achieving what God desires for their lives. Satan draws them into his playing field where only the world can attract a cold heart. ‘Do what makes you happy.’… There the stronghold is formed and we begin following after feelings instead of truth. We are held captive, bound by the deceptions that Satan has told.

How many individuals do you know that are bound within their own minds? How many people do we encounter every day who hasn’t been told that there is a God that can free them? How many of us pray for revival within our church or community, but cant recall the last individual they shared the love of Jesus with?

We are called by Jesus Christ to love our neighbor. The Word teaches us that as followers of Christ we should be known by the love we show toward each other. The greatest love we can ever share is that of Jesus. It’s His love that can radically change a hardened heart. That love can break the stronghold that holds us captive. That love spoke through the ages of time and revealed itself to a young girl named Mary. She gave birth to the Son of God, Jesus Christ, and He would save the likes of you and I all because of love.

I’m praying for that little boy held captive tonight. My heart hurts for him. But tonight I’m also praying for the wisdom to reveal the love of God to a soul who needs to hear about Jesus Christ and the love that can save them. There is one who walks among us and seeks out whom he may devour, such as a lion seeks out his prey. But there is also One whose power can loose the devourer’s hold on lives. His name is Jesus.

Author: Britney Wilkes
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UPDATE to say the boy being held captive has since been rescued.

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2 Little Girls and Jesus

“Train up a child in the way he should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22:6

My little girls are 4 and 3. I’ve only just began this thing we call ‘raising kids’. There haven’t been many circumstances I’ve had to put much wisdom in to making decisions regarding their care. My doctor told me on the day I was released from the hospital with my oldest daughter..’She will raise you.’..and she was right. I’ve never known a greater fear than on the day I was riding home from the hospital with that 6lb little girl. The reality that I had absolutely no control in this life began to sink in. On that car ride I suddenly became aware of all the things I couldn’t protect her from. I sang ‘Learning to Lean’ to her that day. It became my prayer. “Father, teach me to lean on you. I don’t control this world and what circumstances it sometimes offers us, but you do. Help me to trust you.” I’ve prayed for wisdom every day since to be the best mother I can be for those little girls. I’ve made a few mistakes and will make a few more in the future, but I’m learning.

This past weekend I had an opportunity to speak with a friend about education and schooling preferences. He prefers his children to be homeschooled when that time comes. I don’t. I prefer the public school system. This concept seemed to trouble him. He even stated, respectfully, “If public schooling is the best you can do for your children, ok, but if there are better options available I don’t understand why you would choose a public school.” I didn’t have the opportunity at the time to go into my reasons, but my preference for public schools isn’t something I just casually decided. I began praying and thinking about such things before my children were ever born. After that question was posed to me I prayed again, and I am still confident in my decision.

I don’t feel one certain system of education is completely wrong anymore than I feel one is completely right. My best friend was homeschooled and she’s an amazing person today. My niece attends a private Christian school, and this month she was her county’s student of the month. She’s a smart, well rounded little girl and I’m proud of her. I don’t recommend one over the other, but for my children, I choose the public school system. I feel there are positives and negatives with any decision. Those attending a school in a setting with other children may have better opportunities for socialization, and therefore, may fair better in society as a whole. But, then again, our public schools have been consistently reprimanded for allowing any form of Jesus in their classrooms. Prayer is no longer welcomed. Our nation has recently suffered horrible tragedies with our public school classrooms as its center stage. And whereas Christian schools allow Jesus to be confessed, there is no more assurance that these tragedies won’t occur there than in a public school setting. I’ve witnessed children go to privatized Christian schools and make awesome Christians as adults, but the same can be said for children who were raised in public schools. I’ve also witnessed others in both school systems turn their back completely on Jesus.

Even still the question was asked… “Why do you choose public schools?” So, for me personally, these are my reasons.

I want my little girls to choose Jesus. I want them to be raised in a society that gives them the opportunity to question who and why they believe the way they do. I want them to understand that there are other religions with people, much more zealous than most Christians, over a different god. I want them to come into contact with friends that don’t know about Jesus, and then question why they don’t talk the way others do. I want them to be associated with the ‘world’. Now in saying this, please don’t feel I’m leaving my girls to find their own way in life. Not at all. I take my children to church and we read bedtime devotions at night. I’m teaching them how to pray, and they pray every night that they are with me. Not so long ago my oldest daughter prayed and asked Jesus into her heart. We talk about Him and my girls tell me they love Him.

But I also believe that one day, not in the terribly far away future, my girls will have to make a decision about what they believe, and they will begin to be held accountable for their decision. My heart’s prayer is that they choose Jesus, but I want that decision to be theirs. I want them to know who they believe. I want them to choose Jesus because they have had a personal encounter with Him, not because Mama kept them in a bubble and they chose Jesus because they were supposed to. I truly believe that God can reveal Himself to my children; I believe He will make Himself real to my girls. I’m going to do my absolute best to train them the way they are supposed to go, and trust that when they are older they won’t depart from it.

I went to public school. I don’t think my parents necessarily chose it over other alternatives, mainly because there weren’t any. I was faced with many different things but grace found me and at 13 I was radically saved. I encountered Jesus. I had the opportunity to drink, to do drugs, to have sex, but I chose Jesus. I went to college and I elected to study world religions, and today I am still interested in other belief systems. In college I became friends with Mormons, atheist, and other individuals who were just pure heathens. I asked hard questions as to why we as Christians choose to follow Jesus. But I always chose Jesus because I have a relationship with my Savior. I pray my girls a measure of grace so that maybe life will be kind to them, but there is a very real possibility that life may be cruel. They may make all the right decisions only to have their world crumble around them. And if that should happen, I want their relationship that they have built with Jesus Christ to be enough to sustain them. I want them to choose Jesus. Because, if they only follow after Him because of what they have seen, they could fall away…but let them truly encounter Him, learn of Him, question why concerning Him, let them know Him…and God will keep them.

“For that which cause I also suffer these things: nevertheless I am not ashamed: for I know whom I have believed, and am persuaded that he is able to keep that which I have committed unto him against that day.” 2Timothy 1:12

I have committed my little girls into the precious hand of Jesus Christ, and I believe that He is able to keep them.

Author: Britney Wilkes
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For Certain

We were standing in line for our lunch at work. A good few people had gone ahead of us and we were waiting for more food to be brought out. One of our residents came into the employee line. She’s a pleasant lady, but her memory isn’t what it used to be. She doesn’t have the ability to understand that she has a specialized tray that will be prepared specifically to meet her needs, and brought directly to her. So she looked at the food in the employee buffet and said, “Well I was gonna get something to eat, but looks like I may need to go somewhere else.” One of my coworkers, who I love dearly, looked at our resident and said, “Oh no ma’am. There’s one thing I know for certain and two things I know for sure, you are going to be taken care of.” My heart began to smile.

This scene has run through my mind several times. It comforts me for a few different reasons. Though our resident doesn’t have the ability to know that there was something better prepared for her, someone cared enough to remind her. Thankfully I still retain the capacity to remember and make my own decisions. My situation isn’t the same at all, but I can relate to it. I’ve been so depressed before that my very thoughts seemed to challenge my next thought to be more negative. In my way of thinking at the time I couldn’t see any hope for the future, but my best friend would remind me..this too shall pass. She knew I was going through a rough patch, as we call it, but had the faith to believe that my circumstance would change for the better… “And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.” Romans 8:28

All things work together. So my bad situation could be taken and made good. It’s true. There are times we can’t see the truth despite the blessings that God has given us throughout our life. Choose to be a person that builds others up. Choose to be that person that speaks truth to individuals when their own reasoning seems to be failing them. Choose to love them. And the greatest love we can offer to a hurting individual in the world is Jesus Christ.

There’s one thing I know for certain, and two things I know for sure, you’re gonna be taken care of. That saying doesn’t make much sense a mind that would try to reason the logic of it, but it comforts me. There’s such a finality of protectiveness and security in it. I asked my friend about it after she said it, and she shared that her Mama had a saying for everything. When she would be upset or didn’t know how something would work out her mama would tell her this, and I see how those words would calm her as a child.

There’s a simple trust that children have in their parents. I see that trust in my own little girls towards me and it warms my soul. Just this morning my youngest daughter jumped out of the car at me. I hadn’t been expecting her to do that at all. My heart caught within my chest as I barely was able to get a good hand on her to keep her from falling. She laughed the whole time. I asked her.. “Why did you do that?” and she said… “You were standing there Mama.” My heart felt good and I was proud. My daughter didn’t question jumping out of a vehicle much taller than she is. She didn’t fear the hard concrete that would have broken her fall, because simply, I was standing there. She knew that I would do all that I could do to make sure that she would be ok.

That is the love and trust that I desire to have in my Savior. He has displayed that love for His children in countless ways through the ages. I have a sound assurance that I will be taken care of because He has taken care of me countless times in my past. I know for certain that He will do everything He can for me because He has already given me everything. So many writers have penned much more beautiful phrases of God’s faithfulness and His ability to provide for His children. Even still, I have a passion within me that causes me to take this small talent and once again attempt to explain such a love that calls the God of all creation to give His only begotten Son Jesus Christ for the likes of you and I.

Jesus Christ, the indefinite and all-powerful Son of God willingly laid His life down. He was beaten, He was spit upon, He was shamed. His life’s blood flowed freely from wounds lashed open by whips. His father allowed such pain, and one of His closest friends denied that he even knew His name. Jesus died a horrible death. He gave everything for you and I. How beautiful is this love, how immeasurable? I can’t explain it. I don’t know why I was given such an amazing gift in Jesus, but because of that sacrifice I can, with all confidence, say that…There is one thing I know for certain and two things I know for sure, you are going to be taken care of.

The answers you are seeking may not be answered today. You may have to trust Him and wait on the provision, but the answer will come. My mom sings an old song. Her voice is deep and rich. God has given her such an anointing so that when she sings…people stop and listen. I’ve heard her sing this song knowing that her heart was troubled over situations that seemed unmovable, but I also know that she has a deeper understanding of a God that is able to move the unmovable. And when I’m troubled.. I love to listen to her sing… “Sometimes your cup may get bitter…so bitter that you wanna cry…but through your tears call on Jesus, and God with fix it all right after a while.. and after a while it’ll all be over…after a while the sun’s gonna shine…after a while dark clouds will pass over and we’ll shout hallelujah after a while..”

Your situation may be bad, your heart may be heavy. You may be so burdened by the troubles you have gone through that you have even began to question the reality of your Savior. But though you see no hope of change right now…There is one thing I know for certain and two things I know for sure, you are going to be taken care of. If you have committed your life to Jesus Christ.. then let all hell assail you..let all man forsake you…let all your earthly possessions be lost with no hope of return, but even still, there will be no weapon that is formed against you that will prosper. This is our inheritance, this is our promise. We will be taken care of.

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My Onesiphorus

“The Lord grant mercy to the household of Onesiphorus, for he often refreshed me, and was not ashamed of my chain; but when he arrived in Rome, he sought me out very zealously and found me. The Lord grant to him that he may find mercy from the Lord in that Day—and you know very well how many ways he ministered to me at Ephesus.” 2 Timothy 1: 16-18

The apostle Paul is inarguably among the most influential Christians of all time. A large portion of the New Testament has been attributed to his writings. Paul, who was once known as Saul of Tarsus, was radically and miraculously changed while traveling from Jerusalem on the road to Damascus when Jesus very literally blinded him.

The man he once was, Saul, persecuted and beat Christians, but after his encounter with Jesus he couldn’t be the same. Paul went on to preach the Gospel of Christ with passion and zeal. He testified to kings of what Jesus had done in his life. I imagine people were amazed to witness the man who once sought to destroy the one who carried Christ’s name, now pleading for them to be saved by that very Christ. Paul said of himself in Acts 26: 11 “And I punished them often in every synagogue and compelled them to blaspheme; and being exceedingly enraged against them, I persecuted them even to foreign cities.” But such is God’s ability to completely take charge of even the coldest of hearts. The determination he once knew in persecuting the church took a different direction. Paul now sought to tell people of the redeeming grace that freed him…of the miraculous power that blinded him, yet somehow managed to allow him to truly see.

Certainly Paul never struggled. Certainly he never needed any encouragement. This was Paul! …and yet he did. The Word says that Onesiphorus, a friend of Paul, often refreshed him. In fact Onesiphorus would seek him out, sometimes searching for him until he found him to speak good things to him. The Word doesn’t specify all the many ways that Onesiphorus ministered to him, but by Paul’s thankfulness I would imagine it was more than just a general pat on the back. In reading this my heart became stirred regarding Onesiphorus.

My heart began longing to be that type of encouragement for others who are needing those words of affirmation. There’s much truth to the Word in Proverbs 18:21.. “Death and life are in the power of the tongue..” In a very literal sense it’s awesome for someone notice the good work that you’re doing. Validation is great. When good work is recognized it makes you want to work harder. In the same manner, an individual who is beaten down and told they are worth nothing may not truly attempt to be more than that.

So be someone’s Onesiphorus. Seek someone out to speak life into their hearts. Life is hard. Work is hard. Living, though rewarding…can be troublesome…and like water can quench a dry thirst, your words have the ability to refresh the dry and tired spirit.

I count myself very blessed. I have an Onesiphorus. My best friend is sickeningly sweet. I have told her several times that she is one of the best people I know and I sincerely mean that. She and I have been best friends for many years. In the course of those years she has seen me at my absolute worst. On those days when she knows I’m struggling she will seek me out and find me. We’ll talk it out usually, or she’ll allow me to talk it out, and then she refreshes my spirit. It’s a very natural thing for her to do because her walk with the Lord is revealed in her words and her actions. I can’t help but be refreshed when I’ve spent time with her.

Onesiphorus wasn’t ashamed of Paul’s chains. I’m not certain what those chains were, but they bound him evidently. Personally, my chain is depression. I battle it and it’s struggle’s make me tired. My best friend is always quick to remind me that the depression will pass and I will again feel like myself, but more than that, she calls my name before the Lord in prayer. She reminds me of Christ’s faithfulness to see me through the uncertain times.

We all go through times where we question life. Things change and chains are formed. At times the chains we wear are only visible by those who are closest to us, and at other times those chains can be seen by everyone in our world. Paul said Onesiphorus could see the chains that bound Paul and he didn’t care. He wasn’t ashamed of the hard times. When other might have turned their back on Paul he sought them out. Onesiphorus wasn’t ashamed of those hard places in life. In prayer to God Paul said.. “You know very well how many ways he ministered to me while in Ephesus.” Paul’s stay in Ephesus was a trying one. Because of his belief and unbridled passion for preaching the Word of God Paul was imprisoned at least once in Ephesus. It was a profitable time for Paul because of the vast opportunities he had to spread God’s Word, but it was a hard time. Ephesus drained him. And even in this hard time, Onesiphorus ministered to Paul.

I want to be like Onesiphorus. I want to be an encouragement to others. I want the words I speak to others to point to the Savior that can truly refresh a broken spirit. I want to be the one who walks a little farther to reach the hurting heart that needs to be reminded of God’s healing. I remember the Onesiphorus in my life. Onesiphorus’ name literally means ‘Profit Bearer’. Indeed these people are such a great profit to have. The Onesiphorus’ that stayed when others left, the ones that made a point to remind you of a great Savior who’s made provision for a great future.

So Father, would you please bless my Onesiphorus, please be a fence and shield of protection in their life. Please allow me the opportunity to bless them in times of need. More importantly, let me remind them of how great you are.

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My situation was controlling me, it was true. A little while back I wasn’t happy. As a social worker we are taught that the first question you ask an individual who comes to you seeking help is, ‘What do you think the problem is?’ The rationality behind this is that most people know what their problems are, they just can’t identify the source of them. Talking it out helps put a label on the problem. We then attempt to identify what will fix the problem, and make a plan for change.

So I asked myself what I felt the problem was that was keeping me from being happy. Easy enough. I felt overwhelmed most of the time because I was in a constant hurry. I woke up and rushed to get myself and the girls ready…looked for matching clothes…matching shoes..then I rushed to drop the kids off, then I rushed to work to continue rushing to each new and different project. Much of my frustration centered around the way I started and ended my day. I will never be one to tell you that I’m an organized person….I’m just not. I’m also not going to tell you that I am easily focused on a task. The result of these two things usually ends up in a scattered mess. My mind isn’t wired to know how to put order to chaos out of paper work and a load of laundry. But, place me in front of a room full of people and I can council the group with 3 points and a prayer with only knowing the topic getting started. Add to this the house that I lived in. It was too big for me and my girls. I had a lot of extra space that was used for piles of more unorganized stuff.

So, what was the solution? Simplify. Get rid of all that was un-needed, find smaller living arrangements, and organize my home. At the best I could do two of those three things, but I couldn’t see how I could find anywhere else to live. That was a huge undertaking with too many obstacles. I remember praying about it, but as I’ve admitted before, I’m guilty of praying it and then being shocked when the prayer is answered. And though God has taken me on a few different and definitely unplanned roads to take me places, I never saw this coming.

About 12am, a few months ago, I heard my car being broken in to. Someone had taken what we would later find out to be a huge rock, and they busted my window out. I was terrified. My 2 little girls were asleep in the bed with me. I called the police; 20 minutes and 5 phone calls later they finally showed up. In the meantime I had nothing to protect my children with. I didn’t know if whoever broke in to my vehicle was going to try and break in to my home when they found I didn’t have anything in there.

Needless to say I didn’t feel safe staying there any longer. An awesome friend offered me her home for my family while we found somewhere else to live. God blessed me, and He opened a door that seemed impossibly shut by my means of opening it, and I was able to find an apartment. In less than a week, God turned my situation around, worked it for my good, and answered my prayer. Because of the move I was able to sort through my home and get rid of all of the un-needed mess I had collected. I moved into a cute and cozy apartment that is, honestly, perfect for my little family. And the best part is, I feel safe. And, because God allowed my given Mom to be the most awesome decorator and organizer in the history of ever, my home is set up just right. No clutter and no mess. I am aware of my weaknesses, so I stay on top of them now.

My life is simplified. Getting to this place was scary. I didn’t see it working out the way it did. My plans would still have me living in an unorganized, too big house, where I was terrified. But tonight, I’m safe and I feel so much lighter. I no longer rush in the mornings, and when I come home, I am able to enjoy my family.

Are you happy? What keeps you unsatisfied in this life? Are there situations that control you? My old house controlled me…until my situation changed. Ask yourself this question… ‘What can I do to change my circumstances?’…Do what you can, and then trust God with the rest. And, even if you can’t see how anything good can come of your situation, trust Him. Be the best version of yourself. Make the decision about who you want to be and make it happen. Don’t accept what this world offers you as a final call. The Word teaches us that Christ overcame the world, and as a child of God I am offered life more abundantly. Because I’m His I can make the best out of every day and every circumstance… because ultimately, my Father is taking care of me and everything will work out for my good. Trust Him.

Change what you’re capable of changing…and then trust God with all that seems impossible. We simplify so that God can multiply His ability to provide all that we need.

Less of me. More of Him.


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Circumstances Change

It had been a week. One of those where nothing goes the exact way you had planned it. My life seems to carry this theme actually…“circumstances change”. My mom, who has passed away, used to say those two words often. I can remember her saying them when I was 16 and thinking, ‘Yeah, I understand.” I look back now and shake my head. The half had yet to be told of the circumstances that wouldn’t fall according to plan. But this week…this week was special.

I’ll begin with last Wednesday; I woke up with a sore throat. Nothing horrible, just an aggravating little scratchy feeling that actually went away as I got up and started moving. The sore throat wasn’t the only thing that went away. By the end of the day my voice was gone. I was lucky to even get a good whisper out, then add a fever with all its aches and pains, a horrible headache and two of the most beautiful little girls around, and you do not have a good time. Fortunately, my best friend is a saint and delivered medicine and picked up my girls for the evening so I could rest.

The week went on, but my voice did not feel the need to return. I felt OK, just frustrated. Talking is what I do. I’m a social worker and we talk it out and we fix it, but with no voice, I didn’t fix much. Mothering a 4 and a 2 year old with no voice with stairs in your house turned out swell. By Saturday I was sick, frustrated with no voice, sore from climbing stairs to talk to my children, who were now at this point also sick. So, I take them to the doctor, pick up their medicine, and rock babies for the rest of the day. The rest of the weekend I rested with the girls at their Dad’s. But Monday brought work around, and my voice isn’t right, and my throat feels weird, and I’m a social worker…somewhat stressed.

By Wednesday night, church time, I’m exhausted. I wanted to sit down and roll a ball with my children, but I didn’t have a good reason to not go to church. I wanted to be a good example for my children and it’s what us Christians do, we go to church. So, I fed the children, found the shoes of my 2 year old, put them on her feet to only lose them in the 5 seconds it takes to get to church from my house. She winds up wearing shoes that absolutely don’t match her clothes or the time of the year, and we walk in to church. I’m determined to receive something out of this service. My children leave me to sit with someone else, because that someone else is way cooler than me.

But, I take a deep breath….it’s church time…it’ll all going to be OK. I didn’t feel like being there, I actually felt like pulling a blanket over my head and hiding until….next year. But I had made the right decision; certainly God had a divine word for all of my effort. Song service began and I felt odd. I’m on the Praise Team, but as I mentioned, my throat is weird right now and I can’t sing. So I’m out of my setting and kinda feeling useless, but I pray..’God you know my heart’ and I wait for the Word. A guest speaker takes the pulpit, and that’s fine. Not preferable for the divine Word of God I’m wanting to receive, but I’ve heard him before and I’m needing something, so I wait. And as any young Pentecostal preacher, he’s excited, and he has such a sincere heart. He had no idea what my circumstances were, but he addresses the congregation and says… “If you aren’t happy and excited to be in the house of the Lord tonight, then you shouldn’t even be here.”

What? Really?

I sat there and shook my head….this is what I pushed so hard for. I wasn’t happy, I wasn’t excited. I was there because I was supposed to be there. There wasn’t a great sin in my life, there wasn’t a great specific burden that held me captive. I just wasn’t excited. I was tired of the day to day trials that sometime seem to overwhelm me. I was there. Not because I was happy that night, but because I made a commitment to myself and my church to be there when I could. Because the Word of God says ‘Forsake not the assembling of yourselves together.’ So I didn’t. I was in church, and now that I’m here, you’re going to tell me that I shouldn’t be if I’m not excited about it. Really?

So I sat there and attempted to listen, but honestly couldn’t move passed my lack of excitement. The only reason I had stayed at that point was because my children were in class with the lady who was much cooler than me. At the end of the service my pastor stood and said that he felt the need to share a word with the church. I thought…maybe this is it…and his great word was…’You’re blessed. I feel that God would have me tell this church that you are blessed.”

Well that wasn’t it. That wasn’t the word I was looking for.

I gathered my children, took a call from a best friend, who I cried to about my wonderful day, got back in the house…spotted the shoes that disappeared off my child’s feet…and started my daily chores. I was thinking about church, and my weird feeling throat, and I felt frustrated all over again. So I took a deep breath and stood there. My 2 year old came up to me and wrapped her little arms around my legs and asked… ‘Mama, what’s wrong?’ I couldn’t help the tears that came to my eyes and I told her, ‘Mama just doesn’t feel too good baby.’ And right there my little girl stopped and prayed for me. ‘Jesus, please touch my mama and help her to feel better…in Jesus name..Amen.’ And the tears fell then, I picked her up and I hugged that baby, and the only words that came to my mind were…I am so blessed.

It’s amazing how Jesus chooses to talk to us. I had planned on receiving a great word from the message at church, but I didn’t get it. Instead God planted the seed while I was there and brought it into fruition, through my baby.

No doubt you should be excited when you go to church. We are serving a great God, who deserves all our praise and honor. There are times when I am excited to be in His house, and happy and grateful to have the opportunity to freely worship Him. But the reality is that some days…..some days, I don’t feel like it. Does that mean that I stay home and cry about it? No. For me, on those days, I push myself to go anyway, because whether I feel like it or not…God still deserves my faithfulness. And whether I feel like it or not, I am still blessed.

Feelings are fickle, they’re tricky. It wasn’t too long ago that I felt absolutely broken, damaged. I felt useless and discarded, but that wasn’t true at all. The God of all creation formed me and molded me in His image. He adores me and I am the apple of His eye, but my circumstances had changed, and life became mean for a little while. My feelings became hurt. I’ve learned to not listen to my feelings. It’s hard, and I pray a lot. But my feelings are subject to change. I’m learning to lean on the truth of God’s Word. Today I’m not upset a bit about the preacher. He meant well, and I even agree with him to a degree. But, when circumstances change, and they will, when I’m not happy….when I’m ill even…I’m going to go to church. And when the preacher doesn’t say something to fix me, and he doesn’t make me feel happy that I came, I’ll go back to church again…and I’ll keep going…until my feelings line up with my actions…and it causes my circumstances to change.



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It Is Finished

The evidence was clear. There wasn’t a grey area; there wasn’t pause for an unveiling of a moment of truth. No shadow of doubt could cast any semblance of uncertainty. I was guilty. No bail could be posted; there was no chance of an appeal. I was simply guilty. I sat in front of a jury who watched a lifetime of sin laid before them. There was pity in a few eyes that looked back at me. Maybe they could recall the same feelings themselves… feelings of great intentions, or feelings of no intentions of all. Still trying to explain my motives I shouted, pleaded with them..

‘I never wanted this to happen; I never imagined it would turn out this way.’

‘Yes you did!’ they shouted back.

These voices held anger and sadness. I felt defeat begin to grip my soul. ‘No!’ I exclaimed again… ‘..I didn’t. You have to believe me!’

Then softly from a distant corner I heard a familiar voice.. ‘But you did know.’ I looked in the direction of the voice and saw soft eyes full of sorrow. My Sunday school teacher as a child stood there. I ran into her open arms and clung to her, tears pouring from my eyes..

‘You have to tell them I didn’t know this would happen! Please tell them!’ I begged.

Her eyes were regretful… ‘I can’t tell them that.’…

’Why?’ I shouted… ‘You know my heart! You know that I would never have done any of this had I known it would end this way!’

She took my hand and began to speak… ‘Sunday after Sunday I spoke about God. I taught you to search your heart when you pray. I taught you to earnestly seek Him. I taught you that you will indeed reap what you sow. I taught you that there was a way that seemed right to a man, but the end would lead to destruction.’ She touched my cheek and wiped at the tears…’You did know.’

As she spoke memory after memory came to mind, every word was highlighted. Moments I had to make a decision, opportunities to quit playing games with my salvation. Altar call after call where I had an opportunity to kneel and confess my sins. Night after night where I could have read my bible, or prayed for forgiveness, but instead chose to watch television. It all felt like hot coals piercing my soul… ‘But I didn’t believe it would really happen.’ I cried out.

My preacher stood from a corner… ‘How could you not when you yourself confessed Jesus as your Savior? You called yourself a Christian.’

I had done that. I had told people I knew who Jesus was. I confessed I was a Christian, but my actions showed much different. ‘I loved Him…’ I argued… ‘I loved Jesus. I did!’…I could recall getting saved and making the decision to live for Him. As an afterthought I shouted…’I did believe! I was a Christian, you remember!’ I pointed at a childhood friend… ‘You were there! You know I got saved!’

She pulled away from me… ‘But faith without actions is dead. You called yourself a Christian, but you didn’t live like one. I didn’t hear Jesus in your speech; I couldn’t see Jesus in your life.’…her voice grew faint.

This can’t be happening, this isn’t real. I looked throughout the room. Suddenly my eyes found those that look like mine. My baby, my child. All the nights I prayed with her came to mind, all the stories I read her of the bible. I pointed at my baby… ‘See, I raised her right.’ I knelt and took her in my arms.

A man with a deep voice spoke. ‘You read her stories, and taught her how to repeat words, but you never showed her what it meant to forgive and forget. You didn’t show her that it is better to give than to receive. You never taught her how to do unto others as you would have them do unto you.’

The reality was nauseating. I could see my child mimicking me. She played church, but didn’t live a Godly life, and she learned that for me. I would be accountable for my baby. ‘No!’ I cried, ‘I’ll teach her right now, I’ll do right by her. I’ll do better!’

The man’s voice continued… ‘You only had one lifetime to do right. You can’t repeat this life, what you’ve done is done.’ And with that, my baby began to slip from my reach.

‘No!’ I screamed and I ran after her…’She is mine!’

The voice spoke… ‘She was only given to you as a gift. You had your chance to love her.’

‘I do love her!’

‘Then your actions would have shown it.’

And then all the times I put her off or snapped at her when she wanted me came to mind. The times I chose to text on my phone instead of spending time with her. The times I put a movie on for her to watch instead of teaching her about Jesus came back to me.

‘But I’m sorry…’ I cried.

‘She is too.’ the voice spoke.

‘There has to be something I can do! I believe it now. This can’t be the end!’ I pleaded.

‘You had more than enough time.’

‘But I didn’t realize!’ I cried…begging for mercy.

‘Guilty!’ the crowd shouted…’Guilty!’

‘No!’ I shouted back at them.

‘Guilty!’ Their cries were overwhelming.. ‘She deserves this end’ … an end without hope, an end where sorrow fills every ounce of your emotion. Where the reality of who you really are is played before your very eyes. Guilty, hopeless, condemned.

I didn’t understand, I thought to myself I took Jesus for granted, I took my salvation for granted. I didn’t understand.

The voice spoke again… ‘What do you have to say for yourself?’

I opened my mouth to speak, but a searing cry of desperation took the place of words. I had nothing to say, no excuse, and no right for pardon. My mouth tried to form the words of my failed attempt at living.

But then…I heard Him… ‘It is finished.’ My heart lifted. I dared to lift my eyes for the chance of some miracle.

‘What?’ I asked.

‘It is finished.’ He said. A nail pierced hand extended toward me… ‘This guilt, this hopelessness, this fear, I bore all of this on Calvary. I bore all of your sins. I shed My blood so that you may be forgiven.’

I was so undeserving. ‘But these were my sins, I did this. You didn’t deserve to pay for my sins.’

Eyes full of compassion looked at me. ‘My child, I paid the debt that you couldn’t pay. It truly is finished.’


On Calvary Jesus Christ took our sins and was crucified. He shed His blood and sacrificed His life so that you and I could be forgiven, so that you and I could live a victorious life. We didn’t deserve the sacrifice He made, but despite our sin, despite our faults and failures, Christ loved us enough to die for us.

We have the opportunity of forgiveness right now. If you are reading these words then you have an opportunity to kneel at an altar of repentance and give your life to Him. If you have wandered out in sin and back-slid, you can still find forgiveness at the feet of Jesus. But one day, there will be a judgment.

The Word says that it is appointed once unto a man to die… and one day you will die. Whether it is by the coming of Jesus Christ or by natural causes, one day you life will pass in front of your eyes. The Bible says that we will give an account of every idle word that we have said.

Today we can receive mercy from our Savior, but on that Day of Judgment, we will be held accountable for our actions. There will be no more mercy. We will be held accountable for our inaction as well. The old saying goes…don’t put off until tomorrow what could be done today. I am not promised tomorrow. You are not promised tomorrow, but I do have this moment. Find Him. Accept Him. Learn of His mercy while it is still freely given. Don’t wait until it is too late.

‘It is finished’ Christ said as he hung from the old rugged cross. It was finished so that our life could begin.



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The Shaking

This blog won’t be like anything I’ve written before. These aren’t my words. God gave ‘The Shaking’ to Brother Jerry Moore, who is the pastor of Carmel Assembly of God in Bonifay Florida. His message can be listened to HERE. He preached this message on September 19th of 2010. I strongly urge you to listen to this message. I wholeheartedly believe this is a word from the Lord.

I only have a very small group of individuals that follow my blog, but I feel as if I would be disobedient to not share this word to the best of my ability. I ask you to please share this word. Not in support of Devotions of Grace, or Britney Wilkes, but because I sincerely believe in this word that was given to Brother Jerry.

My spirit is heavy and my heart is burdened for His church, for a lost world. If you’ve gotten to this point in reading, please finish. Please prayerfully consider this message. Most of what I will write will be directly taken from the sermon notes of Brother Jerry Moore. I will use his points to emphasize his message, ‘The Shaking’.

“For thus saith the LORD of hosts; Yet once, it is a little while, and I will shake the heavens, and the earth, and the sea, and the dry land; 7 And I will shake all nations, and the desire of all nations shall come: and I will fill this house with glory, saith the LORD of hosts. 8 The silver is mine, and the gold is mine, saith the LORD of hosts. 9 The glory of this latter house shall be greater than of the former, saith the LORD of hosts: and in this place will I give peace, saith the LORD of hosts.” Haggai 2:6-9

“21Speak to Zerubbabel, governor of Judah, saying, I will shake the heavens and the earth; 22 And I will overthrow the throne of kingdoms, and I will destroy the strength of the kingdoms of the heathen; and I will overthrow the chariots, and those that ride in them; and the horses and their riders shall come down, every one by the sword of his brother.” Haggai 2:21-22

“26 Whose voice then shook the earth: but now he hath promised, saying, Yet once more I shake not the earth only, but also heaven.27 And this word, Yet once more, signifieth the removing of those things that are shaken, as of things that are made, that those things which cannot be shaken may remain.28 Wherefore we receiving a kingdom which cannot be moved, let us have grace, whereby we may serve God acceptably with reverence and godly fear.” Hebrews 12:26-28

There will indeed come a shaking upon this earth. This shaking will be greater than anything we have known before. The Word states that both heaven and earth will be shaken, there will be nothing that is unaffected because of it. The shaking will come because God said it would come, and He is not one that He can lie. There is a definite promise of the shaking. Though we serve a God who’s mercies are new every morning, and though we serve a God who is faithful to forgive us of all in unrighteousness, we also serve a God who is righteous, and who will judge us for our unrighteousness.

We live in such a time that our world has been deceived as having a form of Godliness. In fact, I would dare say that even many of today’s prominent religious leaders have been deceived by the idea of grace and mercy and neglected to acknowledge that God is a jealous God who will judge His people.

Joel Osteen is a hugely popular preacher who’s church reaches millions of individuals. I have enjoyed some of his teachings, and I believe he has done a great work for God, but in his words, he doesn’t mention the word sin in his messages because.. “..I don’t want to beat anyone down by doing so, or make them feel guilty when they are going through enough already.” (Please note Brother Jerry did not include or mention Joel Osteen’s name). I believe this statement was taken in 2009 and I pray he has changed his teaching since then, because this idea of not talking about sin takes away from the reality of God. The reality is His judgment that will come on an individual or a nation that persists in sin and disobedience.

I believe the shaking has already begun to some degree in our nation. We are facing an economic crisis like none since the Great Depression. Natural disasters have begun occurring more frequently, and more individuals have been touched by their effects. There is a purpose for this shaking, God’s judgment on this earth. We have been living in a time that many Bible scholars call the dispensation of grace. But this dispensation of grace is drawing to a close and God’s judgment will come.

All throughout the Word of God, national adversity is due to national disobedience to God. Natural disasters have been noted to typically mark the closing of one dispensation and the beginning of another. The 12 Minor Prophets give examples of this throughout the Old Testament. Sin is always dealt with in two ways; one, by the blood of Jesus Christ and repentance, or two, judgment.

We are living in one of the most disobedient times known on this earth. Our country is anti-God. It has been said many times but the truth remains, God has been taken out of the classrooms and the schools, He has been taken out of our courtrooms. These acts of disobedience will not continue forever, and there will be a judgment. The church will be shaken, but we will not be the object of the shaking. We will feel its effects. Noah wasn’t the object of the flood, but he was affected by it and his lifestyle was changed. Abraham and Lot weren’t the object of the destruction of Sodom and Gomorra, but they felt its effect.

God loves His church. When He sees His church He sees the sacrifice that He gave in His son Jesus Christ. He loves her too much to allow her to stay in her current condition. There must be a shaking to awaken her back to a sincere and a right relationship with God. The problem with the shaking is the fear that many people, even within the church, aren’t rooted and grounded in the Word of God. They are deceived into thinking that a casual relationship with God will be all that’s needed. They are deceived by the ideas that grace and mercy wouldn’t allow the people to go to hell and be judged for sin. But the Word promises that if you can be shaken you will be shaken. The Word promises that God will judge sin and unrighteousness.

There must be a preparation. How do we prepare ourselves? We must anchor ourselves in the Word of God. We must develop a sincere prayer life.

This time that’s coming will be an anxious time. People will fear for themselves, their children, and their family. They will search high and they will search low for answers. But this is the truth; Those who know who they believe, those who have a committed and sincere relationship with Jesus Christ, they can trust that they will be taken care of. The whole world may crumble around you, but if you know who Jesus is, and know Him as your personal Savior, and have a sincere and burning relationship with Him, you will not be destroyed. His Word promises this.

Now isn’t the time to play games with your salvation. Now isn’t the time to grow lukewarm in your faith. Now is the time to seek God, while He can still be found. Now is the time to commit your life to Jesus Christ. If you haven’t done that yet, I pray that you find an altar of repentance, do so even right now, and allow God into your heart. Ask Him to forgive you of your sin, and seek after Him. There will be a shaking. If you can be shaken, you will be.

Please..please…find God and hold to His unchanging hand. He’s the answer that we need. He’s the answer that you’re looking for. There can be peace found in this shaking, but that peace is only found in the presence of an Almighty, and an All-consuming God.



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Empty Vessels

2 Kings 4:1-7

This woman was in a desperate situation, in fact the situation seemed hopeless. She was mourning the loss of her husband. As the man of her home his death caused more than just the loss of her love and her best friend, but her security and her financial stability. Her husband had been a good man, a man of God, and he had provided for her and their family. And now he was dead. All she had of family in this world were her two sons, and their future wasn’t any better than that of their father, because now the creditor was on his way to take the boys to be slaves to pay off the debt.

Elisha asked her ‘What do you have in the house?’….she answered and told him all she had was a jar of oil. Elisha told her to go and borrow empty vessels from everywhere. He was specific in telling her not to only borrow a few. When she had received all of the vessels she was to shut the door behind her and her sons and pour from her jar into the empty vessels. And this is exactly what she did. She filled every vessel that she had gathered.

The Word doesn’t specify how many vessels she filled, but there were enough vessels of oil that she was able to sell enough to cover her debt, keep her sons from slavery, and live off the rest.

My pastor preached on this this morning and it stirred my soul. He asked the question..What do you have in your house that God can use to bring about your miracle? If this woman had been so caught up in her grief and the hopelessness of her situation, she might not have ever thought to mention that jar of oil. After all, it was only a jar of oil. But God isn’t asking for more than what we have to offer. We may feel that what we have is insignificant or small, but who knows that little is much when God is in it.

The depth of her miracle and blessing was dependant on her obedience to God. God’s desire to bless us is only limited by what we offer to Him. God took what the woman had, a simple jar of oil, and from that filled numerous empty vessels. Elisha was specific in telling her to gather not a few, and she obeyed. She gathered so many that the jar of oil miraculously filled the vessels so much that it covered her debt and provided for her family’s future. If she had been disobedient, and only gathered a few vessels, the miracle couldn’t have been carried out because there wouldn’t have been enough oil to provide for the need. But she was obedient, thus God provided.

Many people miss out on the miracles and blessings of God because they don’t wait on the direction of God. In order for the miracle to be brought to fruition the woman had to wait on Elisha to give the direction on what to do. She could have just moved on after she told him her problems a gone to the next waiting ear that would listen, but she waited for direction. This story is a beautiful testimony of God’s ability to bless and meet His people’s needs despite the hopelessness of our situations.

Don’t just tell your problems to God and move on to the next waiting ear. Allow Him to speak truth into your life and then obey what He tells you to do. Despite what the situation looks like, obey. I wonder if the woman felt silly going from home to home asking for empty vessels. What good is an empty vessel? But that vessel wasn’t measured by its emptiness. The vessel was used after God provided the oil. The jar she had didn’t contain enough to fill those vessels, but the oil that God provided filled all that she had. It was her obedience that led to the blessing.

What we have isn’t enough, but if we allow God to use what we have, it’s more than enough. We serve a supernatural God who can meet our needs by any means necessary, but our blessing hinders on our ability to wait, and obey the Word of God.


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