This Wont Last Forever

This wont last forever, she said to me
and the tears on my face revealed my disbelief
Though this sorrow is great
and this pain so profound
This trial isn’t greater
that God’s love can’t abound
and abound greater still
than all your yesterday’s…
Much deeper and fuller
far beyond your dismay.

This wont last forever
It wont be for always.
One day you will awaken to a much brighter today.
But you must walk through some vallies
and travel some long roads.
You must learn He is still faithful
even when you feel so alone.
You must consider all the blessings
and though this natural eye see’s dim
there is a beautiful picture of grace
if our focus remains on Him

No, this wont last forever
she said as I cried
Her hand held tigher still
and I felt God’s love as He supplied
the answer to my worries
the relief to lingering pain…
His arms of mercy unfolded
and released this calming strain…
of peace felt only by
the surrender to His plan
letting go of my fear and holding
tightly to my Savior’s Hand




Author: Britney Wilkes

Copyright © 2010-2011 Devotions Of Grace Blog – All Rights Reserved

Published in: on January 19, 2011 at 10:29 am  Comments (2)  

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  1. I walked away from my faith for some time. I tried to go back during my marriage, but my husband had turned his back on his faith too. I wasn’t string enough to go to church abd pray that he would follow. I’m struggling so hard to get back to a place where I can just have faith that with God, everything is okay. I’m hurt and heartbroken. I pray everyday that my husband will come back but I know that he will not because he loves someone else. I feel like I will cry forever. I pray to remove the hatred from my heart for his lies and deceit and for the other woman who because of his lies and deceit as well, was allowed to help to lead him astray.
    I know that God will provide. I know that he will show me a way. I know that in time, I will no longer hurt. But I still sit and cry and say “why” or “how”?
    This poem really hit it all for me.

    • I remember the pain you feel right now. I have also called myself “Broken” so many times…but God spoke to me in that state of mind. I am posting a new blog entitled, “Broken Pieces” today. It is very personal for me…which is probably the reason I hadn’t posted it before now. But I can hear myself in your comment. I have felt those same pains. I pray that God speaks to you through the post. I’m praying for you.


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