Go Yet and Love a Woman

“And the Lord said to Hosea, Go and take unto thee a wife of whoredoms….So he went and took Gomer.”  Hosea 1: 2a, 3a

The rain made a lulling sound as it poured off the roof.  The morning had bought itself a few more moments of stillness as the sun hid itself behind the clouds.  Hosea lay still in the bed knowing that he would soon need to begin the day.  “Gomer must have already awakened”, he thought.  The bed was empty.  He listened for her….for the sound of her movement in the kitchen as she prepared the morning meal for her family…for the hum of her voice as she busies herself in chores.  He listened for her, but he never heard her sound.  “Maybe she’s gone to get something”, he thought, and he wrestled within himself to form some excuse for his wife.  But the reality of the quietness in their home spoke louder than his thoughts.  Gomer was gone.  She had left him and returned to a life she had known before him.  She was gone.

The thought that Gomer would leave Hosea is inconceivable to most.  She had been a prostitute.  She made her living by selling herself in exchange for clothes, food, water…This lifestyle was shameful.  It was disgusting.  No reputable man would dare to begin his life with the likes of such a woman.  At least, not by his own choosing.  “And the Lord said to Hosea, Go take unto thee a wife of whoredoms…”  Hosea 1:2a.  If at any point Hosea had a right to question whether he had heard the voice of God, I imagine it was then.  “A wife of whoredoms.”  Really?  Not only did God command that he take a prostitute as his wife but also, “take unto thee children of whoredoms…”  Hosea 1: 2b.  It was as if God told Hosea, “Take all of her.  Take all of her responsibilities.  Bring her past with you.  Take ALL of her and makes her yours.”  And so he went and found a woman by the name of Gomer and she became his wife.  The Word tells us in Hosea 2 that he provided for her.  Actually, the Word says that he provided better for her.  I’m sure many men wouldn’t have felt the need to provide much at all for Gomer given her past.  “I bought her…that’s enough”, might have been their attitude.  Certainly, it wouldn’t have been acceptable to provide better for a prostitute than what she had known in her sin.  But Hosea did.

They had a family together.  Gomer bore him children.  No, it wasn’t the “cookie cutter” family by any means, but it was his family.  And because Hosea had bought Gomer from a life of prostitution and made her his wife…because he provided better for her in their marriage than in her past life, and because they had a family together, it was expected that Gomer be more than satisfied with her present life.  She should be grateful.  So, I can’t imagine the hurt, betrayal, and anger that Hosea dealt with when he realized that Gomer had left him to return to her old life.  Certainly, he had every right to let her go.  I would have shouted, “If she wants to go, let her go!”  I would have turned my love from her and questioned God, “Why would you send me to a woman who would leave?  She took what I offered and left! Why?!”…

But instead of leaving her where she was…instead of giving her over to her own decisions, God told Hosea, “Go and get her.”  “Go yet and love a woman…” Hosea 3:1a.

I can imagine the scene as it unfolds.  Hosea, so broken.  Rejected.  He walks to an area of town where he had only visited once before…years ago when he found Gomer.  Maybe the street weren’t as clean as he was used to…maybe the air didn’t smell as fresh…He begins to look into the faces of the women who were aged by the decisions of their life.  Not her.  Hosea knew Gomer as well as he knew his own self. He could recognize her eyes in a sea of others faces.  The children they shared had those same eyes.  Not her.  Gomer’s hair would lay a certain way when she pulled her hair away from her face….and then he see’s her.  She was dirty and she was dwelling in the midst of sin…but she was his wife.  She belonged to him.  He walks to her.  I wonder what Gomer felt when she realized that Hosea had come to her.  I wonder if she was fearful of what his intentions were?  Then Hosea pulls out a bag of money.  What emotion could have possibly filled her heart when she realized that her husband was purchasing her again?  Shame, for leaving?  Gratefulness that he came after?  Unbelief, that he would still want her?  “So I bought her to me for fifteen pieces of silver, and for a homer of barley, and half a homer of barley.  And I said unto her, Thou shalt abide with me for many days; thou shalt not play the harlot, and thou shalt not be for another man: so will I also be for thee.”  Hosea 3: 2,3.

That love…the love that looks past failures and offers forgiveness…that love is undeniably amazing.  When I read the story of Hosea and Gomer I cant help but parallel it to Christ’s love for us.  Though we were living in sin Jesus made provision on Calvary.  That sacrifice purchased my freedom, deliverance…my salvation.  It was more than enough then, and it is more than enough now.  We fail Him.  We sometimes return to the life we once knew.  We sometimes mess up so horribly that within our own grasp of understanding we can not fathom God’s forgiveness.  But He forgives.  Again and again…He forgives.

I have faltered in my belief.  I have failed at my attempts of perfect faithfulness.  I have felt like giving in to the doubts and uncertainly that caused me to question…but my God has never left me.  He continues to seek me out.  And though He may find me dirty in sin, His blood is still sufficient to clean each stain.  So, if you have left your life in Christ…if you have allowed the world to catch your attention… If you have left your first love, look up.  God may be sending a Hosea to bring you home again.



Author: Britney Wilkes

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  1. Ohhhh myyyyy goodness! Britney! Wow. I don’t even know what to say. Just wow.

  2. I was atending a pentecostal asembly here in Romania and God spoke to me the same even nameing the harlot woman. I asked why to take her when there are many pure sisters in the Lord?!
    Because they left Me,the fountain of life…you will be a sign. I took her and I said to pastor that God called me to be a prophet on His behalf. The pentecostal pastor (of the asembly where i was raised up) said that they not need me to be their prophet. Like he would say to God: You didn’t chose the right guy,in fact we have our own prophets!”
    later i discovered they “anoint” their own profets that profecy from their own thinking.
    They disobey God’s greatest commandment not walking in love of Christ Jesus our Lord and Savior.
    My advice 4 u:STAY IN HIS LOVE!

  3. it is so nice.God is so merciful and forgiving.

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