Broken Pieces


I bought my oldest little girl a play crib set as part of her Christmas this year. I’ve never had to put her toys together before because her daddy had always done that. But this Christmas was different because her dad and I are no longer together. So, for the first time, I had to put the toys together. I woke up at 1:28AM on Christmas morning and snuck into the living room. I figured I would take a few minutes putting the crib together, put out the presents that “Santa Clause” had dropped off., and sneak back in the bed for the remainder of the night.


Not so much.


I opened that box and found so many pieces that I was sure the instructions would need instructions. This play crib even required actual real tools for the assembly. Before that night, that would have been a problem because I didn’t possess a single tool. But, my neighbor gave me a 20 piece set for Christmas, so I had everything I needed to complete the job. I took the pieces out and laid them on the floor. The play crib set that looked so adorable on the box, was overwhelming. For such a small crib this seemed like so much work. Had I not known that the pieces would make a crib I would have never guessed that the pieces would be able to work together at all. But, I read the instructions carefully and began working. About half way into the project I began to understand why children leave milk and cookies for Santa and I took a step back to admire my progress. To my surprise I could recognize the crib. In the midst of the all the pieces I began to feel the presence of God. I began to view the pieces in a different light. They reminded me of myself actually.


Life has a way of shattering our heart at times. I looked at the pieces of the crib and could see pieces of myself…dreams I had dreamed that would never take shape, plans that would never form, love that had been abused and thrown my the wayside. All the pieces of my life seemed so scattered until God took control. With the right tools He was able to begin to assemble me together. It took some time, but eventually the pieces began to take shape…and eventually I began to recognize myself.


I’m not so embarrassed to tell you that I cried when I finished that crib. I felt like I had accomplished something so great…and in a way I had. The truth of my present life is that at times I still feel so very broken. I’m guilty of telling my best friend that I don’t see how I will ever be better. She reminds me that I’m too close to the situation, and she’s right. I am so close that I can’t see all the pieces that God will use as He places me back together….but He is placing me back together. Just as my child is enjoying her crib set with her new baby dolls, I will enjoy my life when God places the pieces back into place. For me it’s comforting to know that my life is being fashioned by the hand of God. So, on the days that I do feel the gaps where the pieces have yet to be placed…when I am reminded of my brokenness…God reminds me of the crib set and calls to my mind that He isn’t finished with me yet.



Author: Britney Wilkes

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  1. dears my name is rebecca and I love god and he is coming to take us to heaven!

  2. My life is so crazy right now. When I think that am going here then all of a sudden I get turned the other way. I trust and believe God and put all my Faith in him and only him. I pray everyday that he looks only on my righteousness and not upon my sins. Though I try to be good, I mess up and do things he says not to do. I love him with all my heart and I am so greatful that he watches the hearts and minds of men because I continually fall short, daily. For your grace and Love I am ever so greatful LORD. Despite me being me,you continue to protect and provide for me. Thankyou o LORD for your grace and mercy for without it I will surely fall but you continue to uphold me.

  3. Pray that I will love,obey,trust our God wit all of me,my heart,mind,soul and strength….pray for my children mother to be saved…..i need a new bed….thanks

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