“Am I my brothers keeper?” -Genesis 4: 9b 

The sheer brilliance of our Creator can not be grasped in our greatest efforts. His magnificence can not be explained in our most eloquent words. Honorable men have devoted their life to studying the character of our Father and still find themselves marveling at His immeasurable wisdom. Our God is truly above all. I am humbled to call myself His child.

I sat thinking of His beautiful design for mankind and in creation. Everything has a purpose…everything works together so intricately to make this wonder we call, “life”. If I could speak intelligently about science I could call to our mind so many examples of this plan from nature to the wonder of the human body. I’m amazed at His handiwork.

A few years back I saw this documentary about wild animals. Typically, I wouldn’t choose this type of television show, but for some reason my interest was sparked. I remember this… There was an injured animal of some sort. When he was by himself, a lion would begin stalk him as prey. But when the other animals of his own kind would encircle him, the lion would back off. This animal was stubborn, however, and didn’t want to stay with his group. He would constantly seek to leave them and every time the lion would begin to stalk him. The group was persistent and still sought after the animal. The narrator of the television show stated that this was normal instinct of this group of animals. They always seek to protect the injured of one of their own.

I was talking with my best friend. I began to share with her how far God has brought me from the pain I used to feel. I remember countless nights of tears. I told her so many times that I was broken…I even had gotten to the point I was content to be broken! But, praise God, He has brought me through! I feel so much better. Looking back, I don’t see how she stuck with me they way she did. Her love was so persistent. Her encouragement never failed. She doesn’t see this in herself. She says that it’s just what she knew to do. I was hurt and injured, so she sought to protect me. I’m one of her own in her mind. Instinctively, she was doing what was natural for her. This time, I cried tears of joy. I told her, “I am so thankful for your love…because when I couldn’t be me, you were you.” She had become her “sister’s keeper.”

I love my best friend and I have often told her that I feel she is one of the greatest women that I know. She doesn’t see this…and honestly, that only adds to the goodness in her. But though I think she’s wonderful, I attribute this to the hand of God on her life. She operates in God’s love. It’s what she knows. It is instinctual for her to love the way she does because she walks close to her Savior.

Being a brother’s keeper is a direct result of the love of Christ in an individual’s life. When Christ saw one that was hurting He sought to meet the need. It’s what we as Christians are called to do. Love. When the Pharisees were questioning Jesus in regard to what the greatest commandments are in Matthew 22, He gave them the two that He says the law is based on. We are to love our Savior with all that we possess and we are to love our neighbor as our self. The “Golden Rule” reads, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Matthew 7:12 Our life as Christian’s should have one distinct characteristic. We love each other.

I’m afraid that often times we become to consumed by taking care of our own self that we lose focus on others. It’s a shame that “hurting” has become such a part of life that we aren’t as moved by its effect. Even in the church, our brothers and sisters in Christ, become hurt. It doesn’t matter the reason… It’s in those times that we should encircle them with the love of our Savior. We should bind around those hurting individuals so the devil, who seeks to destroy them as a lion would, doesn’t consume their heart. Even if those hurting people leave the “group” time and time again, we should seek them out time and time again and continue to love them.

I don’t know what I would have done without my best friend. I saw God’s hand in her love then and I continue to see His hand now. That love kept me. I couldn’t see past the hurt at the time because I wasn’t myself. But she was who God called her to be…her sister’s keeper.

Strive to love more. Don’t be so consumed with life and its responsibilities that we forget those who need an extra show of love. It may be what keeps the devil from seeking them as prey.



Author: Britney Wilkes

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  1. love is a gift which God gave to mankind!!!

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