Defined by the Blood

I am 27 years old. I have a college education and a good job. I live in a nice house and drive a nice vehicle. My pantry is full of food and my closet is full of clothes. I have a wonderful family and a few amazing friends…but these things don’t define me.

I’m scared of snakes and aliens. I don’t sleep well at night. I have a fear of imposing on people and of being left alone. My sugar drops easily. The alto harmony doesn’t come natural for me to sing. I don’t spell well and my grammar isn’t perfect. Traffic tends to get on my nerves and I see no reason for anyone to act rude or disrespectful…but these things don’t define me.

If I like a song I listen to it over and over again. I usually have a good memory. My children are the greatest of anyone’s in the world and also give me the greatest happiness. I will go out of my way to help someone. My favorite colors are black and red. I can make really good chicken wings but I still feel that Italian food is always the better choice…but these things don’t define me.

We all are made up of individual characteristics…imperfections…special attributes that make us unique. Some people spend their life trying to correct something about themselves that they feel is flawed. They have allowed it to define who they are. They find one area…one insecurity…and build a world around trying to change or hide it. It has defined all they do. Because of this, they never take the time to focus on the whole picture.

My best friend and I were shopping today and we saw this skirt. Alone the skirt wasn’t that pretty at all…but given the right top and some nice shoes…maybe, just maybe, that skirt would have been alright in the whole scheme of things. Sure, there are things in all of us that we would like to change. For me, there are things that I wish I never had to worry about changing…but if I look at all of who I am…the imperfections that want to invade my security and peace of mind seem to look smaller and not so noticeable. After all, all of who we are doesn’t matter if we don’t know who we serve.

I was 13 when I knelt at an altar and gave my heart and soul to Jesus Christ. I confessed that I was a sinner and needed a Savior. He who knew no sin laid down His life for mine. He who had no imperfections shed his blood so that I could be Saved. I accepted Him into my life and began living to serve Him. I adore the name of Jesus. I seek to be in His presence. I desire to lead my little girls to Him. I long to tell a dying soul about His grace and mercy. These things….these things define who I am.

The only things that matters in this life is that the one thing we allow to define who we are, is a heart that is living for God. There is a life beyond what we are living…but it is how we choose to live this life that will determine where we will spend the next. If I were you, I would make certain that the only defining characteristic in your life is covered by the precious blood of Jesus Christ. Less of who I am Lord and more of who You are…let this be your prayer.



Author: Britney Wilkes

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  1. Your words has just made me do a dance and given me a song with my off tuned voice.I loved it .Thank you for having an open heart to hear words of encouragement from Holy Spirit

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