Never Thirst Again

“Come, see a Man Who has told me everything I ever did!” John 4: 29a

The midday sun was hot. She sat thinking of all that needed to be done… running through the list in her mind. “If I didn’t have to come here, I would get so much more accomplished”, she thought. She came to the well daily and drew her water. It was tiring and strenuous…and today, she was hot. Today, her thoughts kept returning to the decisions she had made in her life. Today, she felt the disappointment in knowing who she had become. Today, she wanted to stay in her home and not allow the walk to the well the opportunity of allowing her mind to wonder. But, the water had to be drawn and the chores had to be completed…so today, she made her walk to the well…and today, her thoughts did wonder. She wondered about the men who had passed through her life. She wondered about the promises that others had never managed to keep and the promises she didn’t have the heart to keep herself. She wondered about her family and if they could see passed her failures…and there were many. “Many, many failures…” she said to herself as she walked along the dirt road. She thought about the man she was living with now. “Even he doesn’t know all I’ve done.” She thought. She thought it best for him not to know all of her right now. Maybe should would tell him one day after he had stayed a while…maybe then he would see more of the woman she wanted to be and not who she was. Maybe then he wouldn’t leave.

I find myself wondering about the thoughts of the individuals we read in the Bible. The story of this woman at the well has captured my attention on more than one occasion. Today was different though. I was driving my little girls to daycare and my oldest daughter and I had been singing. I stopped to call my best friend and tell her how God was opening my heart to the passage in John chapter 4 about this woman at the well, when my little girl began singing, “Deep and wide, deep and wide, there’s a fountain flowing deep and wide.” My heart was stirred again. The same water that Jesus offered that woman who had lived such a sinful life, was the same water that my precious two-year old was singing about. I want my little girls to drink of the water that He offers at a young age. I want them to taste of His goodness so that they never seek another fountain to drink from. I heard a children’s church pastor say that he believed young children could find Jesus at a young age and the church could help them grow in Christ instead of constantly trying to win them back. I believe that as well. I believe that fountain that flows still provides all that is sufficient to meet all our needs and desires. I also believe that water from the fountain is constantly refreshed and renewed within the hearts of His children.

The woman at the well was looking for such a water. She was tired of walking day in and day out to fill up a jar that only became empty again. Are you tired? Do you find yourself looking for a well to draw from like this woman?

The very act that Jesus, a Jewish man, would speak to a Samaritan woman, was something out of character in those days. Obviously, there was a purpose in her going to the well and in Jesus stopping there. “It was necessary for Him to go through Samaria.” John 4: 4. When Jesus offered this woman a living water that would cause her to never thirst again, she was eager to accept this. “Where can I find this?” Was she asking because physically she was tired of carrying of those clay pots all the way to the well and all the way home again? Or did she sense that there was something different about this man who had already broken custom to speak to her, much less, offer her something. I wonder if her thoughts began then, “If he knew me…if this man really knew me he wouldn’t offer me anything.” Jesus told her to go get her husband. The woman told him, “I have no husband.” And right here, Jesus let this woman know that He knew her. He told her, “You’re right. You don’t have a husband. But you have had 5 and the man you’re living with now isn’t one of them.” What could have possibly captured her mind and heart? He knew. This man knew her failures and He was still offering her this living water. This woman? This woman who had come from the wrong side of town and had made a mess of herself…Jesus was offering living water to her? I wonder if the simple act of acknowledging the realness of who she was, a sinner, was more real to her than the idea of never thirsting again?

Jesus looked past the custom and He looked past the sin of this woman. He looked at her, and despite the mistakes and the failures saw an individual that needed Him. We as Christians are called to the same. We’re called to look past the faults of the common man and see the heart that needs a Savior. Sadly, I’m afraid we allow society to dictate who is acceptable that we share Jesus with. There are times I feel we measure a person’s ability to be redeemed by our ability to forgive them of their failures. And sometimes it’s hard for us to look past a person’s shortcomings…but it isn’t too hard for our Savior.

There’s a line in an old song that reads, “For He knew me, yet He loved me.” I adore that. We all hold so many insecurities about the person we really are. At times, that person may seem impossible to love and impossible to forgive. But Jesus knows you. He knows the secret confessions of our heart. He sees the hidden emptiness and knows what well’s we have drawn from in an attempt to fill them up. I am so grateful that He knows…and I am so grateful that He offers a living water that can cause you to never search for another well again. There, indeed, is a fountain that flows from deep within. That fountain can so free your soul from all the sin in your life. The beauty of this passage in John chapter 4, is that it was necessary for Him to go through Samaria. It was necessary that He meet this woman at the well. He met her. When Jesus meets you where you are, don’t turn Him away. This may be your opportunity to accept a living water that will cause you to never thirst again.

Author: Britney Wilkes

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  1. Wow! This is just a wonderful post. I really enjoyed reading this. It’s givem me much to thimk about this week. God Bless you and happy Easter.

    • Thank you! You have a wonderful Easter too.

  2. Fill my cup Lord…

    • : )

  3. I am inspired by this message, if reminds me that i to am loved by Jesus. Thank God, and also thank Mary for having Jesus she was a believer and a mother


  5. Wow God is good

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