“I will confess, praise, and give thanks to You, for you have heard and answered me; and you have become my Salvation and Deliverer.” – Psalms 118:21

I had the most beautiful opportunity to share the love of God to a lost soul today.  I sat and looked in his eyes as he shared painful details of the sin that has entrapped his mind.  This man has allowed Satan to so consume his thoughts that strongholds have been formed.  His perceptions have become clouded and to him, truth seems to only exist in a dream.  He confessed that he didn’t know if he would ever be able to walk in truth.  Tears filled his eyes as he admitted that he didn’t believe that God could deliver him from the sin that he has come accept…and eventually…love.

“I don’t know.”  This man said these words a few times over.  “I don’t know” seems fitting of his confusion.  At times, we don’t know.  At times, we question our circumstances.  In our own ability…with our limited perceptions, we may not know.  But we have to CHOOSE to believe in a God that does.  With confidence I was able to tell this man about the God that is able to deliver him from the sin he has found himself in.  I able to testify of a God who is able to deliver a willing child from the hell of their own making.  He has become my Salvation and my Deliverer because I chose to trust my Savior when He promised that “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”  If God has promised that we can do all things through Him, then He has equipped us with all that we need to overcome Satan and our present circumstance.

God is still a God that can deliver you from what ever situation you have found yourself in. He IS a God of deliverance, but as with any delivery, there will be a process of pain and rest before the end of the struggle.  When a woman delivers a baby she has contractions.  These contractions are painful…they hurt to the very core of her body.  It is during these contractions, however, that she is asked to push.  Push through the pain.  Push through the hurt.  Focus on the end result and push.  When we seek God for deliverance we will have to push through our pain.  Our pain might come through as temptation to return to sin…fear…anxiety…unbelief in the ability of God to overcome…but we must keep pushing.

What would make a woman push through a pain that is literally tearing her body apart?  The desire to see a better piece of who they are….their child.  When you are seeking deliverance from whatever situation you are in, you have to desire to see a better individual on the other side.  Deliverance is a process.  There will be pain that you have to learn to push through.  There will be periods of rest where you are allowed to build strength only to push again.  But eventually, when the time is right, you will be delivered.



Author: Britney Wilkes

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