Don’t Trust the Donkey!

My office mate and I are known for “tag teaming” our clients. When we aren’t completing private individual sessions, others will come to our office and ask to speak with us. I had just tagged off to her and was attempting to complete some paperwork. She was very animated and had began to speak with passion. I was expecting some deep revelation but instead heard her say, “If you didn’t hear it from the horse, don’t trust the donkey!” I looked at her and then at the individual…and then together we all laughed.

It’s a wise word though…however nonconventional it is. Maybe donkey’s have been given a bad rap throughout the years, but the truth remains that they do fall second to the horse. Given our line of work, we often hear, “He said…” or “I talked to so and so and they said…” My office mate and I are always quick to remind them that they have to consider the source of where they are getting their information. Many people say many things. But many people can say many wrong things. So many lives have been destroyed based off of assumptions or rumors. We often deal with irrational thought processes in people who tend to react impulsively when they are overcome by emotion. For those who struggle with this impulsivity, the first question we ask them so they can challenge their belief in that time is, “Are your thoughts based on objective reality and fact?” So, I ask you the same. When you are struggling with emotion in your life…in any capacity…are you basing your opinion on the facts of what is really taking place or what you assume to be taking place?

This morning I woke up to the feeling of anxiety. The feeling laid very heavy on my chest. It scared me because a year ago I dealt with this anxiety day in and day out. I called my best friend and asked her to pray and then my coworker and I joined together in prayer. I prayed. I had to pray hard and remind myself that God had already healed me of this anxiety. I had to decide not to be overcome by it. I had to remind myself that there was no reason to fear and consciously choose not to. A few hours later…the anxiety began to ease…and tonight, I feel peace. “If you didn’t hear it from the horse, don’t trust the donkey.” The donkey was telling me that my fear was real but the horse knew that the anxiety had already been defeated.

Many times we take the words of others and accept them as truth before we ever take the matter to God and seek His council. I believe in Godly advice. I have asked my family how they would handle certain situations before and have been very grateful for the words they have given. But I also feel that there is a time when we must seek God for our own self. Especially when we are going through a very emotionally trying time. “Is any among you afflicted (ill-treated, suffering evil)? He should pray.” James 5:13a. Notice the Word specifically says that the individual should pray. There are times that we need to make our own requests known to our Savior and not rely on the prayers of another. There are certain needs that God desires to answer at the request of His own child.

So…don’t assume. Search for the facts of what is really happening rather than your belief. Emotion will lead even the most brilliant of minds astray. Also, seek God. Take your needs to the Father. He desires for us to come boldly before His throne. The donkey would tell you to suffer alone and attempt to deal with things by yourself. But the horse says for us to cast all our care upon our Father because He cares for us. Seriously, “If you didn’t hear it from the horse, don’t trust the donkey!”

Author: Britney Wilkes

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