Awake, Watch and Be Sober

1 Thessalonians 5 and Romans 13:11-14


The Lord’s return is eminent, but at the same time, we as Christians know that neither the day nor the hour is known by anyone on this earth. So we must continue each and every day as if it’s our last but also as if we have years still to live. How do we do this?


Paul told us that we must be awake, to watch and be sober. This doesn’t mean that you can never sleep; we are human and flesh, we must have sleep. But I feel he was talking about our spiritual man – we must keep him awake, alert, watchful and sober, for we know not when our master shall return home. To do this, we must be diligent in all aspects of our walk with Christ. We must have a strong prayer life, we must be open to the gifts of the Holy Ghost, we must walk in faith and the strength of our Lord, and we must strive to keep a pure and clean heart.


But these tasks are so hard today in this sinful world we are living in. There is pain and destruction every day; there is drunkenness, laziness, deceit, anger, and the list goes on. How are we to face these things every day and still be awake, watchful and sober? By following the Word God has given each of us and has placed deep within our hearts. We must keep a prayerful heart and mind at all times – not meaning you have to live in your prayer closet – but keep your mind focused on the things of God and not on the things of this world. Do not close the door on the Spirit of God – don’t ignore or push aside the still small voice you hear speaking to you. This isn’t the devil trying to get you to do good – stop, listen, obey – God is trying to use you to help in these last days to bring in the lost sheep!


This world is turning into such a dark and ugly place, a place where no Christian should have to live, but God’s timing is not ours. So while we are here, we are told to be the light in this dark and dreary world, to not let the darkness overtake us. Did the Lord say this would be easy – no! But He did say that He would be with us; He would guide us and comfort us through every trial and every storm. He said that He has given us all of the armor and gifts that we need to make it through this journey if we will just dare to accept them and walk strongly and boldly in them. And we are to encourage each other as we walk this journey. We are stronger as a team and can defeat the enemy when we stand together.


Are you ready for the final day? Are you keeping your spiritual man awake, watchful and sober? Are you feeding it the Word to keep it healthy and strong? Are you keeping the candle lit so you will always be a light shining through to break the darkness?


I want to be ready…..will you join me?


Author : Michelle Drummond

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  1. This message is really God-sent . I have been receiving this message for the past few weeks at the campus Christian Union where I worship from the different men of God who share with us the Good News . I really do receive it coz the times are short and we must live according to the Word as it is and not according to what our nature wants it to be . Thank you for emphasising more to me , God bless .

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