He Knows Best

My oldest little girl is reaching the age where she asks, “Why?”  Everything I ask her to do is almost always followed by her sincere question, “Why Mama?”  I relate to this desire that she has for the logic behind her actions.  I’ve been guilty of asking the same question… and just as she does at times, I have difficulty accepting the answer, “Because I said.”

I remember my Memaw giving me this answer one time when I was a young girl.  In my 6-year-old mind, I truly believed that if I tried hard enough, I would be able to fly out of the tree in the front yard.  I was just about to test my belief when Memaw ran out of the door and yelled for me to get down from the tree.  I explained to her as best I could that I was going to fly out of the tree.  Memaw, not wanting to break my “spirit” (as she called it), reasoned with me that though there was a possibility I could fly out of the tree, she didn’t want me to test it that day.  That wasn’t a good answer in my mind.  I was 6 and there was no better time than the present…and besides, I was already up the tree and ready to fly.  I explained that I was going to flap my arms just like the birds….so surely, everything was going to be fine.  Finally, when all her reasons didn’t work, Memaw said, “Britney, get out of the tree because I SAID SO.”  I couldn’t reason with that answer!  What Memaw said…went!  I was frustrated as I climbed out the tree but I did what she said for me to do.  Later that day we had a long talk about why I couldn’t fly on my own.  I learned two lessons that day.  One, even though we may mimic what something or someone does, we may not get the same results.  Just because I flapped my wings like a bird…that didn’t mean I would fly.  And two, Memaw could see the danger.  She knew what I was able to do…and flying wasn’t one of my abilities.  I learned to trust her word because she said I could.

So, my little girl was sitting on the commode watching me as I got ready for work.  We usually pick and play with other and she gets excited and moves around a lot.  She decided that she wanted to stand on the commode but I didn’t think it was a good idea.  I could see the possibility of her hurting herself.  I told her “no”, which was immediately followed by, “why?”  I tried to explain that she may fall but she couldn’t understand that.  Falling wasn’t her intention.  She just wanted to stand closer to her Mama.  Finally, I told her, “Sit down because I said to sit down.”  And for right then…she was satisfied.

There are many times that we desire to do things.  In our mind and reasoning we don’t see the danger of what our desire could bring.  All we know is that it feels right at the present time…so it must be ok.  This isn’t necessarily true.  Check your feelings against the Word of God.  What does He say regarding this situation?  He may say no.  He may say that you can’t continue doing what you want and desire to do.  And the only answer we may have as to why we can’t is…”Because I said so.”  We may not like it but we must be obedient to what the Word of God tells us. “To obey is better than sacrifice…” 1 Samuel 15:22.

Our Father knows our abilities.  He knows what we are able to withstand in our present and in our future.  There may be decisions that we feel we are able to handle in our present, but what about a little further down the road?  Circumstances may change.  It is better to obey His Word and trust that He knows what is best for us.  He see’s the bigger picture and potential dangers that we could face.

Jeff and Sheri Easter sing the song, “Over and Over”.  It ministers to me every time I listen to it.  I relate to the lyrics.  “Over and over, again and again He’s been faithful.  Over and over, again and again, through it all He’s made me able/ to stand and survive, to come through alive when it sure looked like I couldn’t win.  Jesus it with me, so I’ll claim the victory, over and over again.”  I know I can trust what God has told me to do.  Why?  Because over and over He has shown Himself faithful to me.  Over and over He has met my need.  My Savior has brought me through some of the darkest days that I pray I ever have to face.  Why would He bring me through to watch me suffer in a present trial?  He wouldn’t.

You may be facing a situation that you feel you have the answer to.  But if that answer isn’t in line with what the Word of God says it isn’t in His plan for your life.  He desires GOOD for you.  So much good that it is above and beyond what we are even able to imagine!  Wait on God.  You may not understand now, but trust that He is providing for a better future in your life.


Author: Britney Wilkes

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  1. Very true sister , we have to live by the set principles of God the Father for He sees better than us and thus we just have to obey His commandments for He said ” he who loves Me obey My commandments “

  2. Oh my, I needed this today. I have a habit of asking why to, back to the Word. Because He said so…lol Thanks Britt, good word!

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