Sweet Potato Pies and Memaw

My Memaw hand wrote her recipe for her sweet potato pie and gave it to me as a gift. I treasure that recipe. That sweet potato pie was my favorite at Thanksgiving and Christmas. All the other grandchildren loved them as well, but Memaw made me feel as if she made them just for me. For her to write the recipes out for me was so special. I treasure them even more since she passed away.

Memaw was a simple woman. She didn’t travel, she preferred to stay home. She went to town once a week to buy her groceries and go to the bank. She kept her house meticulously clean, and she was a fine cook. She hung her laundry on the line, and ironed every outfit. She kept a garden and loved her dogwood tree. Memaw was simple. Some would have called her different, but she will always be the most precious woman in my life. Memaw was good. I never heard her speak bad about anyone. I would complain to her about certain things going on, and her response was always the same…just pray for them. I would sit in the kitchen and watch Memaw cook. She would let me help her roll the biscuits, and we would talk. I dreamed many big dreams in that kitchen..I went from being an astronaut to a veterinarian..never one time did she tell me I couldn’t do it. Memaw always told me I could do whatever I set my mind to. She always told me she was proud of me…and she loved me.

I miss her. I have my sweet potato pies in the oven and their fragrance takes me back to Alford…and Memaw’s house…paper dolls…and bicycles.

So much has changed since I lived in that little house on 2nd Ave. My family isn’t the same. This morning my house is quiet. I’m sitting on my couch and I can hear the wind through the trees. But instead of focusing on the quiet in the house, I hear the Spirit speaking to me.. ‘Be still, and know that I am God.’

In all life’s changes… in all of its uncertainty… in the painful memories of things past, and in the hope of a beautiful tomorrow..there is this one blessed consistency; God. There is a Savior in heaven who knows about all our life’s changes. He isn’t outside the reach of understanding. God knows.

The amplified version of Psalms 46:10 speaks to me… ‘Let be and be still, and know that I am God.’

Let life’s changes come, but God will remain the same. Let the pain hurt, but God will remain the same. Let His peace overwhelm you, and God will remain the same. Let a heart-break in two, and God will remain the same. Let that same heart be mended, and still, God remains the same.

So this morning I took time to remember the simple things.. Memaw, sweet potato pies…and in the simpleness I found my Savior speaking to me. Today, take time to know He is God, He alone deserves all thanks for this day.

Becky Nixon sings so beautifully my favorite line in a song.. “Paul preached that all is lost, save knowing Christ.” And that’s really all it’s about. It’s simple to know Him, we just have to be still enough to recognize Him. He alone can speak to your soul so gently. Simply, some might say, through sweet potato pies, and memories of my Memaw.



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I’m Trading Houses

I’ve spent the day with memories… things that haunt my present. I’ve picked up several things..objects…that tell the story of a life that isn’t mine anymore. Memories are deceiving at times, because they call to life old emotions. Some emotions can be good, but when those memories remind you of failure…regret…loss…they can be deceiving. That emotion can creep into the reality of the present moment, and make you feel as if that emotion remains real…that you continue to fail and cause regret and loss.


So I found a way to move on from the past that recalls hurt. I’ve began to throw it away. I’m letting go of the reminders of poor decisions. These memories were made so solidly that they even tend to remain in the house that I call a home They are painful reminders of poor decisions. So, I began to pray. My present bears no semblance to the past I knew, and the reminders felt as if they were holding me back. I prayed and my Father heard me, and His answer was simple…leave it behind. So now, those memories that crept into the corners of the place that I call home can stay, because I’m trading houses.


We all have a past, that’s true with every individual. Some stories are easier to read when they are reviewed, but there are several of us who look back at the decisions we made and we ask ourselves.. ‘Really?…I really did that? That really happened?’ Reminders of our past can cause us to feel as if we are still there, which is why it’s so important to let go of the things that cause us to look back.


Therefore if any person is in Christ, he is a new creation: the old has passed away; behold, all things are new. 2 Corinthians 5:17


This is the beauty of allowing God to take complete control of your life. He begins to work out circumstances that bind you. He begins to call to life an individual that He created for victory. Only God can restore a willing vessel. He can patch and mold that vessel so that he becomes more like Him…until the vessel you become no longer resembles its surroundings..and then He’ll give you a new home. He’ll move you from glory to glory.


Today I refuse to be reminded of a past that would love to haunt me and remind me of my failures…I’m allowing God to restore me…to mold this vessel into something He can use for His glory. I’m trading houses. I plan to fill that house with testimonies of praise. I plan to fill that house with a song of a Redeemer who is able to restore even the most broken of vessels. Yes, I’m trading houses.



Author: Britney Wilkes

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