My Song

I grew up listening to music. My parents sang in a small church singing group called ‘The Trio’, and many of my Friday and Saturday nights consisted of listening to them practice. I remember my mama’s voice so clearly as she sang songs such as ‘Here I Am’, ‘When He Was on the Cross’, and ‘He’ll Do It Again’. Because of my family’s history with music it wasn’t much of a surprise when I took to the stage. I was 15 years old; my friend at church wanted me to sing a special because she was, and so I did. There it began. I sang ‘He’ll Do It Again’ because I knew the words having heard my mom sing it so many times. While I was singing, God snapped his fingers at me. I began to see the hearts of the individuals who were listening, I watched as tears fell from the eyes of believers who needed to hear that God could indeed to a work in their life again. I realized that those people weren’t relating to a little 15-year-old girl. What could I even begin to offer them? No, these people were allowing the spirit to minister them through the words I sang..

‘You may be down and feel that God as somehow forgotten that you are faced with circumstances you can’t get through, and right now it feels there’s no way out and you’re going under, but God’s proven time and time again..He’ll take care of you…and He’ll do it again.’

And so my singing began. God birthed a passion in me to share Him to people through song. That’s not to say I have sung to some huge audience, I haven’t. I never have and I more than likely I never will, but that’s never been my desire. That’s also not to say that I’ve always used my voice perfectly, not at all. The Lord has allowed some humbling lessons on pride to come my way a few times. But, I do say that today my heart’s desire is to still be a vessel that God can use to allow his spirit to touch a heart through song.

I was recently asked, ‘Why do you sing?’, and as many of you would answer…with the phrase, ‘I sing because I’m happy’…it came to my mind as well. Though it may be cliché, and though some may say it’s a staged answer, it’s true. “I sing because I’m happy. I sing because I am free. His eye is on the sparrow and I know he watches me.”

Let me explain. I sing because I’m happy. For a good little while I lost my song, I didn’t sing. My spirit was broke, along with my heart and my mind. I felt I didn’t have a good reason to get up in front of an audience and sing about a Savior that I even questioned the reality of. I didn’t want to sing praises to God. The devil had so boxed me up that my perspective was only able to focus on my present, and at that point in my life, my present was pretty bleak. So I lost the song, but the song didn’t lose me. You see, Jesus Christ is my song. So on a Thursday night I made a decision to continue walking with my Savior, and sometime after that I stood on a stage and sang ‘If You Knew Him’ to a few people who must have related to a soul that had searched elsewhere, but still found her God to be faithful, just as He said He would be.

Yeah, I sing because I’m happy, and I’m happy because I chose to be…on a Thursday night…on North Cottondale Florida, knelt at a hand-me-down couch, I chose Jesus, and asked Him to make Himself real to me, and He has.

I sing because I’m free. I put myself in such a dark place. Life offered me a beautiful mess, and I almost gave in to self-pity, doubt, insecurity, and fear. I was truly imprisoned within my mind. Because of my self-imposed prison I almost lost sight of the keys that could loose me, but because of God’s ever persistent and never-failing love, I didn’t. And on a Thursday night…on North Cottondale Florida, kneeling at an old hand-me-down couch, I chose freedom. And He who the Son sets free indeed.

It’s amazing that my Savior knows me by name, and calls me His own. It’s humbling that God is concerned about even the smallest of details about me, but He is. God is good, and He makes me happy…so I sing.

Why do you sing? Are you humming a tune? You may be arguing with me and saying ‘Well, I can’t sing at all!’, but in tune, or out of tune, we are all singing the song of our life. Like the one who marches to the beat of a different drum…you may have your own style of music altogether, but it’s still your song. The song of your life.

Some songs are so depressing that I have to change radio stations. Don’t let that be your song. Some songs are so jumbled together it’s confusing to even try to pay attention to. Don’t let that be your song. And then, there are those who’s harmony is beautiful, who’s tempo soothes your soul, who’s message calls to the spirit within you…I want that to be my song. I want my life to be in harmony with our Savior. I want my life song to be calming to a troubled heart, so that they can see Jesus in me. I want my song’s message to be clear, and I want that message to sing of Jesus Christ, and Him crucified, for a soul such as yours.

We’re all singing a song. Maybe you haven’t found your reason to sing, maybe you’re still searching for something or someone to try to be in harmony with. But our soul can only be in harmony with its creator. Your song can only be in tune with Jesus Christ. I found my song. “And I sing because I’m happy. I sing because I am free..His eye is on the sparrow..and I know that He watches me.”


Author: Britney Wilkes

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