I’ve Been Through Enough

The doctor told my best friend’s Mama that she had cancer. It was advanced and she needed to begin treatment as soon as possible. Instead, she sought God. She never took any medication, aside from extra-strength Tylenol. She bled from every possible place to bleed from. Her kidneys quit functioning for months. My best friend tells me you could literally see the sickness moving beneath her skin. She burned with fever, she went through periods of extreme delirium. There is no earthly reason this woman should be alive, but she is. Today she pastors a church, and I receive voice mails frequently where she reminds her church to pray for one another. She is a miracle, crafted out of the divine mercy of God.


I was driving a Ford Thunderbird at least 94mph. I lost control of the car and flipped it several times into a light pole. The light pole broke over me. The power lines hung only feet over my car. Paramedics moved pieces of my broken vehicle and were able to remove me from the car. There is no earthly reason I should be alive today, but I cried out to a God to save me, and He did. Today I sing on my churches praise and worship team and I write devotions. I am a miracle, crafted out of the divine mercy of God.


When I counseled in prison I spoke with men who consumed unfathomable amounts of alcohol and drugs. Those men will be among the first to tell you that they shouldnt be alive. They did every conceivable thing to destroy their lives, but they didn’t. Many of them will tell you that prison saved their life because it kept them from themselves. Each man I spoke to was a walking miracle.


I can’t tell you of all the testimonies I’ve heard of God’s ability to provide for his people. Most all will say that God made a way out of no way, He brought order to chaos. He spoke peace to turmoil. When the children of Israel stood before the Red Sea it absolutely appeared that it was over. Pharaoh and his army were behind them, and they were fast approaching. But God made a highway out of an ocean. They were able to walk through the impossibility that kept them from moving forward. Paul and Silas were bound by shackles in prison. More people were against them than were for them. The situation didn’t look good at all. But God caused and earthquake to come, the shackles were loosed, and Paul and Silas walked out of the prison that bound them.


I battle depression, and it is tiring at times. My best friend tells me I don’t think right, and she’s right actually. Recently, I began to pray about my depression. I needed help. I cast my fleece before the Lord and I laid it out for Him. Wouldn’t you know it, that very night my best friend called me and gave me the answer that I was looking for. Today I’m ok. I’m happy. God answered my prayer. For me, that was a miracle. I could go on and on about God’s faithfulness to me. For months I worked a job where the money just wasn’t enough to pay the bills. There wasn’t a budget that could fix my finances. I couldn’t afford a budget. But every month, my bills were paid. There wasn’t one night that me or my children went without. That was God.


If someone were to ask me why I chose to follow Him, I believe I would quote Janet Pascal and say ‘Beacuse I’ve been through enough to know that He’ll be enough for me, I’ve come through too many times and that puts my mind at ease for good, I’ll stake my very life that He’s gonna tae care of me, because I’ve been through enough to know that He’ll be enough for me.’


My best friend never questions God. She’s never questioned His ability to bring her out. That’s not me. I’ve questioned Him. I’ve almost walked away from Him. But, if you were to ask us together why we believe in God, I’m sure we would both tell you that we’ve been through enough to know that He’ll be enough to meet our needs.


God’s been good to me. If you havent made the decision to follow Him, to seek after His will for your life, I encourage you to do that . And once you allow Him to be enough for you, He will show Himself as more than enough for you.


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  1. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wow! So can relate to theses words! Awesome job by an awesome young woman of God!!! You encourage so many with your words, always look forward to your post. And love to go back and reread the others you have wrote…keep up the good news that you bring…love to you!

  3. : )

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