Needing Jesus

He had been rude. His words were offensive toward me. Not only had he insulted me, but he had lied. He wasn’t the Christian man he had portrayed himself to be. In my mind I was ready to completely write this individual off. In my frustration over the situation I told a friend of mine what happened. He listened and then offered some insight. Right when I knew he would agree that I shouldn’t talk to this man again, God used my friend to speak to me. The man’s actions toward me were wrong, definitely, but this action he said, “Was only a symptom of needing Jesus.”

I was caught off guard. Of course he needed Jesus, I thought, men who have Jesus in their heart don’t say such things. When I began to argue my point I told him I agree, he needed Jesus in a real way. My friend said.. “Jesus revealed himself in a variety of ways to a variety of different people. Which Jesus will you choose to be?”

There was no arguing. In my anger and being offended I neglected to see a soul that needed Jesus. When it all comes down to it, anything that displays something aside from love, forgiveness, and faithfulness, goes against everything Jesus taught and allows us as Christians the opportunity to speak the truth to an individual’s life.

 “A new commandment I give unto you, That you love one another; as I have loved you, that you also love one another.” John 13:34

Love one another. It’s an easy statement to make. People have made so many catchy phrases in an attempt to mask the reality of the statement. “Well, I’ll love them but I don’t have to like them.”..”I’ll love my neighbor, but pray they aren’t sitting beside me.” The real catch to Jesus’ words came after His statement ‘love one another’..He said, ’love one I have loved you.’

Christ’s love is all consuming; it covers all the imperfections our flesh sees so easily. Christ’s love offers mercy to those that have taken advantage of his forgiving power. Christ’s love offers forgiveness when every back has been turned and every ear closed. Christ’s love offers hope to situations that are so shadowed and polluted by sin and its loss.

His love is easy to share with your best friend, or the sweet elderly lady you sit near at church. It’s easy to teach your children about Christ’s love, but another situation completely when we begin to love the individual that we deem as undeserving.

For this reason it is important to talk to our Father, communicate with God. Not only talking in prayer with Him, but allow Him to speak to our spirit and heart by reading His word. Begin to pray for those who have wronged you.

Anger, pride, jealousy, disrespect, unfaithfulness. These are all symptoms of a soul that needs Jesus. When you begin to view other’s actions in this light the picture becomes slightly different. In ways in becomes clearer. This person is only displaying a need that they have for God in their life. It’s our choice then. How will we respond? What Jesus will we display? How can we display one characteristic of our Savior and not the rest? Love one another….in the selfless, it’s really not about me anyway, kind of way…and watch God move.


Author: Britney Wilkes

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