Do You Think You’re Useless?

Am I the only one that struggles with self-worth, or do you have issues with this sometimes too? “I’m not _________ enough, I don’t measure up, I’m not as good as so and so, I’ve done ____________ and there’s no way God could ever use me again.” You can fill in the blanks, right? Or is it just me? If we’re all being honest here, we all struggle with these questions from time to time. Even Sister Super-Christian and Brother Never-Does-Wrong. Everyone. No one is immune.


I think this is one the devil’s most meaningful tasks for the believer, and he does it well. If he can make us doubt then he may be able to make us quit, or at the least, hold back a good bit. I admit–I’ve found myself for the last little bit struggling with my worth, with my calling, and wondering if I’m making any kind of positive impact for Christ on the world around me. I’m trying, but in and of myself I seem to come up short. And I’m one of the so-called “good girls” who has never really done much wrong. No alcohol has ever crossed these lips. No cigarette has injured my lungs. I’ve never even spoken a curse word. I’ve been a faithful wife to one husband and I’ve served the Lord since I was a child (thank you, Mama!). I never went wild or did any of the crazy things of the world. I’m still relatively naive (as I find out quite regularly–which makes me all the more thankful for my upbringing–THANK YOU MAMA!!). So, I’m sure some of you are thinking, “Then what’s her problem? How can she feel worthless or useless?” And yet there is the struggle…


Please don’t misunderstand my words. The only bragging being done in my previous remarks is on my Jesus and my Mama because I have been kept. ALL praise goes to God for giving me a Mama that prayed and taught and loved me so much that I was somehow able to be relatively unaffected by the craziness of the world. But the fact that I still struggle leads me to wonder about the struggle for those of you who weren’t as blessed as I was–those who weren’t protected from the harm, from the sin, or the pain, or from the wild and crazy. If I struggle, then surely some of you do as well. So tonight as I was reading, this came to life for me. (I love it when He does that!) I hope it will help someone.


Also Cyrus the king brought forth the vessels of the house of the Lord, which Nebuchadnezzar had brought forth out of Jerusalem, and had put them in the house of his gods; Ezra 1:7


It was time for the house of the Lord to be rebuilt, and King Cyrus called the people to work. God put a hunger in their hearts to see their God’s house put back into shape. People donated time, talents, and finances to make this possible. Some things could be reproduced, but some things had to be reclaimed. The vessels of the house of the Lord were original pieces with a purpose. They were made to serve the Lord. The devil (represented in this passage by old king Neb) had stolen those things from God’s house, and they had been used for evil purposes. Imagine someone taking an offering plate from your church and using it as a tip jar in the local bar. Disgusting, right? But, in essence, that is what they did! They took the goblets that were used to quench the thirst of God’s chosen priests and made toasts to their false gods. It’s ridiculous and disgusting to think about. But leave it to God to turn things around. He is so faithful!! When King Cyrus gained control, he took control and got busy about the Lord’s work. And he put things back in place, as they should have been all along. Like nothing had ever happened. How beautiful is this?!


I may have looked at those vessels and said, “Ick! These things were used for such a bad purpose that I think we should just get new ones. Wouldn’t want to cross-contaminate God’s stuff with that mess.” But, like the anointing and the call God has on your life, these vessels were too precious to be reproduced. They were reclaimed, cleaned up, and put back into use in their rightful place–doing the work of the Lord. Where these vessels had been, and what they had been used for didn’t matter anymore, only where they were now.


Maybe someone reading this has, at one time, served the Lord whole-heartedly, but now struggles with having a relationship with Him. Maybe you have gone so far away that your life can only be seen as someone who “used to be a vessel in the house of the Lord.” Oh, but my sweet friends, let me tell you that it does not matter where you are now, or where you have been. Our Father is seeking you out, and He will turn things around for you. Let His cross contaminate the sin, doubt, self-loathing, and fear in your heart! Maybe you think that you have been too disgusting, too sinful, or used in all the wrong ways for all the wrong things. But I want you to know that to Him your past, once it’s under His precious blood, is simply that–your past. There is no need for you to be reproduced replaced, because you are being reclaimed and called to serve the Lord. You are being RECLAIMED tonight! If you turn to Him, He can make you like new. He can restore you as if nothing had ever happened. You are His precious, precious child. His love for you is so much deeper than your mistakes and your doubts. Where you have been does not matter. But where you are going matters more than anything else. It is of utmost importance that you allow Him to reclaim you. He loves you with an everlasting love. He wants you to know that you are not useless. You are not worthless. You are priceless!



Author: Trish Brannon

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