The Common King

The king is not to be approached by the commoners. They are set apart. The royalty have a different set of rules than general individuals in society have. In much older times even the queen, the very wife of the king, could only approach him after he gave permission by reaching out his golden sceptre. They eat the finest food and wear the finest clothes. Their servants provide all their necessities throughout the day, and there are even chosen servants to assist in dressing the royalty. There is a royal blood line that is traced and marked through generations, separated and set apart. The birth of royalty is marked with grand and lavish celebrations. Costly gifts are offered in their honor, respect is demanded, and loyalty is more than expected. The common individuals cannot approach the king in his world because he doesn’t fit in to his world …and then came Jesus.

The King of all kings was birthed to a young girl named Mary. She was unknown in society, but more importantly she was betrothed to a common carpenter named Joseph. She had never known a man. Her pregnancy was frowned upon and not accepted. When the time for Jesus to be born came Mary and Joseph were traveling back home and all the inns were full. Thus, Jesus was born in a manger in the small town of Bethlehem. There was no grand celebration, no one announced his birth. Even the name of Jesus was common in the time in which He was born. And yet, Jesus Christ is indeed the King among all kings.

The word reads that one day at the name of Jesus that every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. His name brings healing. His words evoke praise. Even the shadow of Jesus as He passed by brought healing to individuals. The educated scribes could not compare to His wisdom. The theorists were baffled by His teachings. Jesus Christ the King ate common meals with sinners. He appeared not to care as much about the appearance, but focus more on the heart of the individuals He came into contact with. The world wasn’t prepared for a King who wore sandals and traveled by foot. The world didn’t expect a King that kept company with a murderer, tax collector, and common fisherman. The world didn’t know what to do with a King that physically touched people…broken, wounded people even. Jesus reached out and physically placed His hands on the lepers, the literal outcast of society. But that was Jesus, that was the King. A Man who took time for the simple and the common person. A Man who stopped and made time for the broken and the blind, the needy and the hurting. A Man who knew the secret truth of the heart and still loved the person.

I sang a song years ago in an Easter cantata called ‘One Life at a Time’. The first lines are so true.. ‘He was a Man who laughed with children….who was not afraid to cry. A Man who stopped to listen while the world hurried by.’ And it’s true. He was a Man who took time for even the children. Once the disciples attempted to keep some kids from bothering Jesus, and His response was beautiful.. ‘Suffer the little children, and forbid them not to come unto me, for of such is the kingdom of heaven.’ Mathew 19:14

My daughters and I were going to town yesterday. We were listening to Jason Crabb with the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir sing ‘I’m Amazed that You Love Me’. It’s an absolutely beautiful song. After it was over I looked at my 4-year-old and she was crying. When I asked her what was wrong she said that Jesus made her happy. She pointed to her chest and asked if heaven was in her heart, because she felt so happy. I cried, and today I cried again, because during church my 4-year-old asked Jesus into her heart. How amazing is it that we serve a God who makes Himself real to the children? Even as adults we sometimes are quick to push the kids to the side, to not be bothered with them in the moment, but not Jesus. Not the King we serve. It’s their simple faith. It’s their trusting. It’s their desire to have the security of a Savior. The kingdom of heaven is made up of those such as this. The ones that love Him, desire Him, and accept Him. I am in so much awe of His love for His people. What an amazing gift we have received…a King that desires a sincere relationship with His people.


Author: Britney Wilkes

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