Standing at the Door

Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If any man hear My voice and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with Me.” Revelation 3:20

My little girls love their Grammy. There aren’t many times that we get into the car that they won’t ask.. ‘Mama, what is Grammy doing? Can we go see her?’ And there haven’t been many times that if Grammy is home, she hasn’t said ‘Sure, bring those babies to their Grammy.’ It is a love that is given as much as it’s received…and it’s precious.

See, Grammy isn’t my actual Mama, in the technical sense of the word…but she loves me as if I were hers. And those little girls aren’t her granddaughters, but they will never know a difference, because she loves them just the same. When we go to her house the girls usually find their way to her lap, where hugs and tickles are passed out freely. When I get too rough with them Grammy reminds me.. ‘They’re little, don’t hurt them.’. When the girls are too tired to play she sings to them. And after several hugs and kisses are given, only to be given again, I attempt to calm the girls and bribe them into their car seats. Standing on the porch watching us is the Mama that God gave me. Grammy has her eye on her girls. Eventually, I’ll hear her tell me to call her when we get home, but she doesn’t go inside until we’re all buckled in and on the road home. It’s in those moments when I can still see the light in her eyes from having a 2 and a 4 year olds arm’s wrapped around her, that I feel so blessed. I know that if I called her she would come running, because she is my Mom. She watches out for her children.

The parallel isn’t exactly the same, but the truth of the message doesn’t change. Jesus says in Revelation 3:20 “Behold, I stand at the door and knock.” Jesus is standing waiting on His children to answer Him. He isn’t at the car beeping the horn. He isn’t texting when He gets close to your house. He has made Himself available to you, and is standing and waiting at your heart’s door to be allowed in. “Behold, I stand at the door and knock.” Jesus has made Himself available to you. The verse goes on to say.. “If any man hear My voice..” Not only has He made Himself available, but He’s calling and knocking. He’s making Himself known. It’s as if Jesus is saying ‘I’m right here. If you will take the time to hear Me and let Me in, I’m right here. What do you need?’

This is a very simple comparison of God’s love for his people, but in comparing this with a Mother’s protectiveness…it’s beautiful to me. Though we may have left home, or may have allowed other things to occupy our heart, Jesus is still standing, making Himself available and making Himself known. All we have to do is call out to Him, and when we call out our Father will answer..’I’m here. I’ve been watching, and I’ve been waiting just for you.’



Author: Britney Wilkes

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