The Jesus I Need

“For He shall grow up before Him as a tender plant, and as a root out of a dry ground. He hath no form nor comeliness, and when we shall see Him, there is no beauty that we should desire Him.

 He is despised and rejected of men, a Man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief. And we hid as it were our faces from Him; He was despised, and we esteemed Him not.” Isaiah 53: 2-3


If we were to have lived in the day and time that Jesus walked this earth, I’m not certain that we would have recognized him as King. He didn’t look like a king. He wasn’t handsome. His appearance wasn’t desirable. He didn’t dress like a king. Jesus was poor my man’s definition. He traveled by foot. He slept where He was welcomed. He kept company with fishermen, tax collectors, adulterers, and murderers. He ate with sinners and He challenged the religious elders of His time. He touched the broken and the hurting. He touched lepers. When others would have kept their peace at the temple, He yelled. And when others would have proclaimed their innocence when on trial for their life, He remained quiet. Jesus of Nazareth wasn’t what the world was looking for as a Savior of Nations, but he was everything that this world needed. Jesus made people feel uncomfortable, He challenged their beliefs. He insisted on love and forgiveness when the world knew judgment and punishment. The world had figuratively drew lines around their religious expectations of a king, and Jesus walked through every single one. This is Jesus, radical and not logical for His time then, and still not logical for His time now.


My best friend and I went to Orlando for a few days a couple of weeks ago. One afternoon we decided to go to the Holy Land, which is owned by the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN). TBN is home to a huge dominance of Christian programming on television. From the moment she and I drove on the parking lot we felt out of sorts. Something didn’t feel right. I tried to explain it away by saying the culture just wasn’t one we were used to. The Holy Land is advertised as being a replica of the life and times of Jesus, but as we continued passed the front entrance and on into the park it was apparent that the Jesus depicted there wasn’t the one that we knew. At all. TBN depicted Jesus at times as a handsome Caucasian man with strikingly blue eyes. In their wax museum, which says its scenes are depicted from scenes of His life, Jesus was dressed in beautiful arraignments. Even Mary and Joseph looked as if they were wealthy by the clothes that they wore. In other places Jesus was depicted as having long dark hair, fake angel wings, a white t-shirt, and torn jeans while riding a motorcycle. The park was full of garland and showy art. Gold was everywhere, but the presence and peace of God’s spirit… that wasn’t to be found. We didn’t feel it. Our spirit didn’t bare witness at all with that mockery.


They made Jesus pleasing to the eye. I read one review that said they made Jesus appear as a ‘white superhero’, and I agree. They changed Jesus to be something that America could be comfortable with. It’s easier for most people to accept Jesus as white and handsome and wealthy, but that isn’t His actual reality. He was a Hebrew, dark skin, dark eyes, dark hair. Isaiah tells us that He wasn’t desirable, and Jesus Himself taught us that He wasn’t rich.


It makes me wonder how much we’ve changed the reality of who Jesus is so that we can feel more comfortable. Have we picked out pieces of the Bible that allows us to live as we would choose without the conviction it brings? As a society we are focused on what feels good, the things that make us happy, but Jesus sometimes requires us to go outside of our comfort zone. Like the best friend, who betrayed you, and destroyed your trust…Jesus calls us to pray and forgive them. Like the money we work hard for, and would like to use the way we want…Jesus calls us to pay our tithes and give. The times we want to be lazy for days on end and let things just slide, the Word teaches us that if we don’t work we shouldn’t eat.


Jesus challenges us to be better than who we are. Love more, pray more, serve more, forgive more. He teaches us to point our fingers at our own self, search our own heart, and correct our own self and sins before we begin to condemn another. Judge not lest you be judged. That’s the Jesus we serve. It’s not necessarily easy, sometimes it isn’t comfortable. Our flesh doesn’t like being brought into submission, but it’s needed. There is a Jesus I need and there is a Jesus I want. The Jesus I need causes me to be less of who I am and more of who He is. My prayer is to seek the Jesus I need, to be consumed with Him, so that my needs and my wants become the same. Less of me, more of Him.


If I have to become more uncomfortable in my daily walk with Him then I’ll do it, because if being uncomfortable allows me to see the true Jesus, I’ll do that. I would rather know Jesus, in His realness, and make it to Heaven than to choose a religious figure that would lead me to Hell. I need the real Jesus in my life, not a made up version of someone who makes me comfortable. I’m hard headed, I’m stubborn. I need a Savior that can make me look at myself and say..‘I’m not right, I need to change.’ That’s the Jesus I need. That’s the Jesus you need.


Less of me, more of Him.



Author: Britney Wilkes

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