Empty Vessels

2 Kings 4:1-7

This woman was in a desperate situation, in fact the situation seemed hopeless. She was mourning the loss of her husband. As the man of her home his death caused more than just the loss of her love and her best friend, but her security and her financial stability. Her husband had been a good man, a man of God, and he had provided for her and their family. And now he was dead. All she had of family in this world were her two sons, and their future wasn’t any better than that of their father, because now the creditor was on his way to take the boys to be slaves to pay off the debt.

Elisha asked her ‘What do you have in the house?’….she answered and told him all she had was a jar of oil. Elisha told her to go and borrow empty vessels from everywhere. He was specific in telling her not to only borrow a few. When she had received all of the vessels she was to shut the door behind her and her sons and pour from her jar into the empty vessels. And this is exactly what she did. She filled every vessel that she had gathered.

The Word doesn’t specify how many vessels she filled, but there were enough vessels of oil that she was able to sell enough to cover her debt, keep her sons from slavery, and live off the rest.

My pastor preached on this this morning and it stirred my soul. He asked the question..What do you have in your house that God can use to bring about your miracle? If this woman had been so caught up in her grief and the hopelessness of her situation, she might not have ever thought to mention that jar of oil. After all, it was only a jar of oil. But God isn’t asking for more than what we have to offer. We may feel that what we have is insignificant or small, but who knows that little is much when God is in it.

The depth of her miracle and blessing was dependant on her obedience to God. God’s desire to bless us is only limited by what we offer to Him. God took what the woman had, a simple jar of oil, and from that filled numerous empty vessels. Elisha was specific in telling her to gather not a few, and she obeyed. She gathered so many that the jar of oil miraculously filled the vessels so much that it covered her debt and provided for her family’s future. If she had been disobedient, and only gathered a few vessels, the miracle couldn’t have been carried out because there wouldn’t have been enough oil to provide for the need. But she was obedient, thus God provided.

Many people miss out on the miracles and blessings of God because they don’t wait on the direction of God. In order for the miracle to be brought to fruition the woman had to wait on Elisha to give the direction on what to do. She could have just moved on after she told him her problems a gone to the next waiting ear that would listen, but she waited for direction. This story is a beautiful testimony of God’s ability to bless and meet His people’s needs despite the hopelessness of our situations.

Don’t just tell your problems to God and move on to the next waiting ear. Allow Him to speak truth into your life and then obey what He tells you to do. Despite what the situation looks like, obey. I wonder if the woman felt silly going from home to home asking for empty vessels. What good is an empty vessel? But that vessel wasn’t measured by its emptiness. The vessel was used after God provided the oil. The jar she had didn’t contain enough to fill those vessels, but the oil that God provided filled all that she had. It was her obedience that led to the blessing.

What we have isn’t enough, but if we allow God to use what we have, it’s more than enough. We serve a supernatural God who can meet our needs by any means necessary, but our blessing hinders on our ability to wait, and obey the Word of God.


Author: Britney Wilkes

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