It Is Finished

The evidence was clear. There wasn’t a grey area; there wasn’t pause for an unveiling of a moment of truth. No shadow of doubt could cast any semblance of uncertainty. I was guilty. No bail could be posted; there was no chance of an appeal. I was simply guilty. I sat in front of a jury who watched a lifetime of sin laid before them. There was pity in a few eyes that looked back at me. Maybe they could recall the same feelings themselves… feelings of great intentions, or feelings of no intentions of all. Still trying to explain my motives I shouted, pleaded with them..

‘I never wanted this to happen; I never imagined it would turn out this way.’

‘Yes you did!’ they shouted back.

These voices held anger and sadness. I felt defeat begin to grip my soul. ‘No!’ I exclaimed again… ‘..I didn’t. You have to believe me!’

Then softly from a distant corner I heard a familiar voice.. ‘But you did know.’ I looked in the direction of the voice and saw soft eyes full of sorrow. My Sunday school teacher as a child stood there. I ran into her open arms and clung to her, tears pouring from my eyes..

‘You have to tell them I didn’t know this would happen! Please tell them!’ I begged.

Her eyes were regretful… ‘I can’t tell them that.’…

’Why?’ I shouted… ‘You know my heart! You know that I would never have done any of this had I known it would end this way!’

She took my hand and began to speak… ‘Sunday after Sunday I spoke about God. I taught you to search your heart when you pray. I taught you to earnestly seek Him. I taught you that you will indeed reap what you sow. I taught you that there was a way that seemed right to a man, but the end would lead to destruction.’ She touched my cheek and wiped at the tears…’You did know.’

As she spoke memory after memory came to mind, every word was highlighted. Moments I had to make a decision, opportunities to quit playing games with my salvation. Altar call after call where I had an opportunity to kneel and confess my sins. Night after night where I could have read my bible, or prayed for forgiveness, but instead chose to watch television. It all felt like hot coals piercing my soul… ‘But I didn’t believe it would really happen.’ I cried out.

My preacher stood from a corner… ‘How could you not when you yourself confessed Jesus as your Savior? You called yourself a Christian.’

I had done that. I had told people I knew who Jesus was. I confessed I was a Christian, but my actions showed much different. ‘I loved Him…’ I argued… ‘I loved Jesus. I did!’…I could recall getting saved and making the decision to live for Him. As an afterthought I shouted…’I did believe! I was a Christian, you remember!’ I pointed at a childhood friend… ‘You were there! You know I got saved!’

She pulled away from me… ‘But faith without actions is dead. You called yourself a Christian, but you didn’t live like one. I didn’t hear Jesus in your speech; I couldn’t see Jesus in your life.’…her voice grew faint.

This can’t be happening, this isn’t real. I looked throughout the room. Suddenly my eyes found those that look like mine. My baby, my child. All the nights I prayed with her came to mind, all the stories I read her of the bible. I pointed at my baby… ‘See, I raised her right.’ I knelt and took her in my arms.

A man with a deep voice spoke. ‘You read her stories, and taught her how to repeat words, but you never showed her what it meant to forgive and forget. You didn’t show her that it is better to give than to receive. You never taught her how to do unto others as you would have them do unto you.’

The reality was nauseating. I could see my child mimicking me. She played church, but didn’t live a Godly life, and she learned that for me. I would be accountable for my baby. ‘No!’ I cried, ‘I’ll teach her right now, I’ll do right by her. I’ll do better!’

The man’s voice continued… ‘You only had one lifetime to do right. You can’t repeat this life, what you’ve done is done.’ And with that, my baby began to slip from my reach.

‘No!’ I screamed and I ran after her…’She is mine!’

The voice spoke… ‘She was only given to you as a gift. You had your chance to love her.’

‘I do love her!’

‘Then your actions would have shown it.’

And then all the times I put her off or snapped at her when she wanted me came to mind. The times I chose to text on my phone instead of spending time with her. The times I put a movie on for her to watch instead of teaching her about Jesus came back to me.

‘But I’m sorry…’ I cried.

‘She is too.’ the voice spoke.

‘There has to be something I can do! I believe it now. This can’t be the end!’ I pleaded.

‘You had more than enough time.’

‘But I didn’t realize!’ I cried…begging for mercy.

‘Guilty!’ the crowd shouted…’Guilty!’

‘No!’ I shouted back at them.

‘Guilty!’ Their cries were overwhelming.. ‘She deserves this end’ … an end without hope, an end where sorrow fills every ounce of your emotion. Where the reality of who you really are is played before your very eyes. Guilty, hopeless, condemned.

I didn’t understand, I thought to myself I took Jesus for granted, I took my salvation for granted. I didn’t understand.

The voice spoke again… ‘What do you have to say for yourself?’

I opened my mouth to speak, but a searing cry of desperation took the place of words. I had nothing to say, no excuse, and no right for pardon. My mouth tried to form the words of my failed attempt at living.

But then…I heard Him… ‘It is finished.’ My heart lifted. I dared to lift my eyes for the chance of some miracle.

‘What?’ I asked.

‘It is finished.’ He said. A nail pierced hand extended toward me… ‘This guilt, this hopelessness, this fear, I bore all of this on Calvary. I bore all of your sins. I shed My blood so that you may be forgiven.’

I was so undeserving. ‘But these were my sins, I did this. You didn’t deserve to pay for my sins.’

Eyes full of compassion looked at me. ‘My child, I paid the debt that you couldn’t pay. It truly is finished.’


On Calvary Jesus Christ took our sins and was crucified. He shed His blood and sacrificed His life so that you and I could be forgiven, so that you and I could live a victorious life. We didn’t deserve the sacrifice He made, but despite our sin, despite our faults and failures, Christ loved us enough to die for us.

We have the opportunity of forgiveness right now. If you are reading these words then you have an opportunity to kneel at an altar of repentance and give your life to Him. If you have wandered out in sin and back-slid, you can still find forgiveness at the feet of Jesus. But one day, there will be a judgment.

The Word says that it is appointed once unto a man to die… and one day you will die. Whether it is by the coming of Jesus Christ or by natural causes, one day you life will pass in front of your eyes. The Bible says that we will give an account of every idle word that we have said.

Today we can receive mercy from our Savior, but on that Day of Judgment, we will be held accountable for our actions. There will be no more mercy. We will be held accountable for our inaction as well. The old saying goes…don’t put off until tomorrow what could be done today. I am not promised tomorrow. You are not promised tomorrow, but I do have this moment. Find Him. Accept Him. Learn of His mercy while it is still freely given. Don’t wait until it is too late.

‘It is finished’ Christ said as he hung from the old rugged cross. It was finished so that our life could begin.



Author: Britney Wilkes

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  1. Wow! What a powerful entry. Thank you for sharing. Oh how we take things for granted. You don’t really realize it until you read something like this.

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