My situation was controlling me, it was true. A little while back I wasn’t happy. As a social worker we are taught that the first question you ask an individual who comes to you seeking help is, ‘What do you think the problem is?’ The rationality behind this is that most people know what their problems are, they just can’t identify the source of them. Talking it out helps put a label on the problem. We then attempt to identify what will fix the problem, and make a plan for change.

So I asked myself what I felt the problem was that was keeping me from being happy. Easy enough. I felt overwhelmed most of the time because I was in a constant hurry. I woke up and rushed to get myself and the girls ready…looked for matching clothes…matching shoes..then I rushed to drop the kids off, then I rushed to work to continue rushing to each new and different project. Much of my frustration centered around the way I started and ended my day. I will never be one to tell you that I’m an organized person….I’m just not. I’m also not going to tell you that I am easily focused on a task. The result of these two things usually ends up in a scattered mess. My mind isn’t wired to know how to put order to chaos out of paper work and a load of laundry. But, place me in front of a room full of people and I can council the group with 3 points and a prayer with only knowing the topic getting started. Add to this the house that I lived in. It was too big for me and my girls. I had a lot of extra space that was used for piles of more unorganized stuff.

So, what was the solution? Simplify. Get rid of all that was un-needed, find smaller living arrangements, and organize my home. At the best I could do two of those three things, but I couldn’t see how I could find anywhere else to live. That was a huge undertaking with too many obstacles. I remember praying about it, but as I’ve admitted before, I’m guilty of praying it and then being shocked when the prayer is answered. And though God has taken me on a few different and definitely unplanned roads to take me places, I never saw this coming.

About 12am, a few months ago, I heard my car being broken in to. Someone had taken what we would later find out to be a huge rock, and they busted my window out. I was terrified. My 2 little girls were asleep in the bed with me. I called the police; 20 minutes and 5 phone calls later they finally showed up. In the meantime I had nothing to protect my children with. I didn’t know if whoever broke in to my vehicle was going to try and break in to my home when they found I didn’t have anything in there.

Needless to say I didn’t feel safe staying there any longer. An awesome friend offered me her home for my family while we found somewhere else to live. God blessed me, and He opened a door that seemed impossibly shut by my means of opening it, and I was able to find an apartment. In less than a week, God turned my situation around, worked it for my good, and answered my prayer. Because of the move I was able to sort through my home and get rid of all of the un-needed mess I had collected. I moved into a cute and cozy apartment that is, honestly, perfect for my little family. And the best part is, I feel safe. And, because God allowed my given Mom to be the most awesome decorator and organizer in the history of ever, my home is set up just right. No clutter and no mess. I am aware of my weaknesses, so I stay on top of them now.

My life is simplified. Getting to this place was scary. I didn’t see it working out the way it did. My plans would still have me living in an unorganized, too big house, where I was terrified. But tonight, I’m safe and I feel so much lighter. I no longer rush in the mornings, and when I come home, I am able to enjoy my family.

Are you happy? What keeps you unsatisfied in this life? Are there situations that control you? My old house controlled me…until my situation changed. Ask yourself this question… ‘What can I do to change my circumstances?’…Do what you can, and then trust God with the rest. And, even if you can’t see how anything good can come of your situation, trust Him. Be the best version of yourself. Make the decision about who you want to be and make it happen. Don’t accept what this world offers you as a final call. The Word teaches us that Christ overcame the world, and as a child of God I am offered life more abundantly. Because I’m His I can make the best out of every day and every circumstance… because ultimately, my Father is taking care of me and everything will work out for my good. Trust Him.

Change what you’re capable of changing…and then trust God with all that seems impossible. We simplify so that God can multiply His ability to provide all that we need.

Less of me. More of Him.


Author: Britney Wilkes

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